Scientific Evidence for Created Kinds

The topic of Creationism is not a salvation issue. However, anything, like Evolutionism, that causes doubt or difficulty with understanding or believing Scripture is yet another stumbling block that inhibits a person from becoming a believer or a stronger believer. Evolutionism has spread rapidly in the last several decades. At the same time, Creationism has been slow in responding. Baraminology, the scientific study of created kinds, is one of the responses that is now forming and challenging the Theory of Evolution. The more we study kinds, the more evidence is discovered to show that science supports Creationism.

Science and Knowledge

Science can refer to the knowledge gained from observation and experimentation or the process by which we gain that information. The word science comes from the Latin word ‘scientia’ which is translated as ‘knowledge’. This knowledge is based on things that can be observed with the senses and, therefore, deals with the physical world and universe. When studying a phenomena, quite often it is done with a model which explains the occurrence or event that has been witnessed. These models can come in many forms. These models are then tested through experimentation to see if the models are correct or not correct. The process by which a model is tested is the scientific method.

The Sciences

Physical Sciences

The physical sciences demonstrate that the Earth and the Universe are young. Within physics, the studies and measurements of motion, magnetism, and heat display a universe that is wearing out and deteriorating rather than improving and building up. Chemistry shows a special creation through the existences of the medium to heavy elements and the general lack of equilibrium. Astronomical measurements of density, rotation, angular momentum, comets, rapid spiral movements of galaxies, and lack of supernova remnants all show a youthful universe.

Earth Sciences

The earth sciences further demonstrate the accuracy of the Genesis account. Geological evidence mounts rapidly by examining the rates of erosion and deposition alone are enough to show a young planet, but then there is the rapid formation and deformation of sedimentary layers which give strong evidence for a worldwide flood. Climatology shows that the pre-flood and post-flood worlds differed dramatically including reduced oxygen and pressure as well as a rapid ice age which followed the flood.

Biological Sciences

Within the biological sciences is, perhaps, the best evidence. As our knowledge of genetics grows, we find even the possibility of evolution producing it quickly shrinking. The fossil record, rather than showing gradual change, shows large gaps between types of creatures and shows the destructive power of the Flood. Both botany and zoology show the sudden appearance of complex life forms without intermediate kinds. Within anthropology, linguistics, culture, and other forms of archaeology show man did not develop form a primitive animal and shows the sudden appearance of many developed and complex language groups that would correlate with Babel.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
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