Recommended Creation Science Websites

Top Ten Creation Science Websites

  • 1. Answers in Genesis
  • 2. Institute for Creation Research
  • 3. Creation Ministries International – This is actually a collection of creationist 501c3 organizations. Browse through the groups for those that sound interesting as they can have much to offer.
  • 4. Northwest Creation Network – Possibly the best of the lesser known groups. This site is loaded with free audio, video, and powerpoint presentations by big name speakers and with in-depth topics.
  • 5. Creation Today
  • 6. CreationWiki – CreationWiki is a free educational encyclopedia. Although much smaller than Wikipedia, this site has the benefit of being written from a creationist viewpoint and makes a good starting point for a study into a topic.
  • 7. Godtube – Although not strictly a creationist site, it is a far safer place for the believer than Youtube and it contains many wonderful videos and channels about creationism. The channels for Ian Juby and Russ Miller are good places to start.
  • 8. Center for Scientific Creation – This site contains the free online edition of “In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood” by Dr. Walt Brown. Whether you agree with the Hydroplate Theory or not, this book is a valuable resource for many topics related to creationism.
  • 9. True Origin Archive – This site responds to the concept of naturalism as a necessary presupposition in matters of science history and origins. It is not the easiest site in which to search for specific topics, but it has an abundance of intellectual discussions that are difficult to find elsewhere.
  • 10. Creation Research Society – This site does not contain an abundance of free information, but if you want to join the group they have a lot of scholarly materials available.
  • 11. Mount Blanco Fossil Museum – This website has a lot of information about fossils including some unusual items not always talked about. It also sells fossils or replicas of some famous fossil artifacts.
  • Creation Science Websites in Alphabetical Order

  • Alpha Omega Institute
  • Answers in Genesis
  • Apologetics Press, Inc.
  • Associates for Biblical Research
  • Ark Search
  • Black Hills Creation Science Association
  • Creation Ministries International
  • Center for Scientific Creation
  • Center for Origins Research and Education
  • Creation, Dinosaurs, and the Flood
  • Creation Evolution and Science Ministries
  • Creation Instruction Association
  • Creation Moments
  • Creation Research
  • Creation Research of the North Coast
  • Creation Science Assoc. for Mid-America
  • Creation Science Evangelism
  • Creation Science Fellowship Pittsburgh
  • Creation Science League
  • Creation Truth Foundation
  • Exploring Creation
  • Fish Don’t Walk
  • Fossils and Floods: Facts & Fables
  • Genesis Creation Science Institute
  • Genesis Forum Academy
  • Institute for Creation Research
  • A Key Encounter
  • Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
  • Monarch Creation Ministry
  • Mount Blanco Fossil Museum
  • Northwest Creation Network
  • Revolution Against Evolution
  • Scripture on Creation
  • Southern Minnesota Assoc. for Creation
  • True Authority
  • Truth and Science Ministries
  • Young Earth Creation Club
  • Last Updated: 06 / 2017
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