Recommended Hydrology Books

Flood Geology Book Cover

Studies in Flood Geology

by John Woodmorappe – A whole alternative historical geology is presented in this book. The ruling dogmas of an old earth, slow overall geologic changes, organic evolution, the geologic column, etc., are examined and found wanting. In their place a Biblical geology is developed and defended, providing a scholarly explanation for such things as the biogeographical distribution of life, fossil succession, the origin of coal, etc., all in light of the global Noachian Deluge. Many little-known geologic facts are also brought to light. Before you conclude that whatever historical geology textbooks teach you is gospel truth, please read this book!

The Frozen Record

by Michael Oard – An outstanding case for the earth’s one Ice Age. Greenland ice cores generally show only one Ice Age. Data indicates little or no movement of the ice sheets. Broadening of volcanic and beryllium spikes with depth gives evidence for a Creation-Flood model. From the author of Frozen in Time comes a technical monograph on ice core dating dealing with the origin and development of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and the differences between the creation-flood and evolutionary-uniformitarian models for dating. Were there many cycling ice ages or just one Ice Age? Are there serious errors with annual layer counting, glaciological flow models, reference horizons and the Milankovitch mechanism? Is ice core dating often skewed because old age is often assumed and automatically built into the equation? A thought-provoking and informative technical study for every scientist.

Genesis Flood Book Cover

The Genesis Flood

by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris – Presents a thorough system for unifying and correlating scientific data on the earth’s early history. Proposes a biblically based system of creationism and catastrophism. Thoroughly documented.

Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides?

by Mike Oard

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Todd Elder

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