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An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood

by Mike Oard – Although a major mystery of uniformitarian history, the Ice Age is readily explained by the climatic consequences of the Genesis Flood-it was a short Ice Age of about 700 years, and there was only one Ice Age. We do not need the hundred thousand years for one ice age, or the few million years for multiple ice ages, as claimed by uniformitarian scientists. Even their claim of ancient ice ages in the hard rocks can be accounted for by gigantic submarine landslides during the Flood. The post-Flood rapid Ice Age can also account for a number of major mysteries and other interesting phenomena that occurred during the Ice Age, such as the Lake Missoula flood and the life and death of the woolly mammoths in Siberia and elsewhere. When we stick to the Genesis account of the Flood and the short scriptural timescale, major secular/uniformitarian mysteries are readily explained.

Climates Before and After the Genesis Flood

by Larry Vardiman – The Bible speaks of rain upon the earth for forty days and forty nights in the days of Noah. It says that the fountains of the great deep were broken up, the windows of heaven were opened, that a flood covered the earth, and that the waters covered all the high hills under the whole heaven. However, the Bible leaves silent a detailed discussion of the source of the waters for the flood and other events which were likely associated with such a devastating event. How much water came from the “fountains of the deep”? How much came from the “windows of heaven”? The Bible talks only briefly of mountains forming, oceans deepening, and the climate changing. Nowhere does it deal with many of the evidences of past catastrophic processes evident today. Is it possible to fill in the sketchy descriptions of the Biblical flood events with scientific observations and numerical modeling?

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Todd Elder

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