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The Term ‘Baraminology’

Kurt Wise is credited with first using the term ‘baraminology’ when he stated the need for a creationist biosystematics.

Revelatory Species Concept

The Revelatory Species Concept is based on Romans 1:18-20 which, according to Wise, “suggests that God created the universe with physical illustrations of His invisible attributes and God created humans with the ability to recognize those illustrations.” The concept states that organisms were created in recognizable groups, distinct from all other groups, and display the basic characteristics of the Creator. It is illustrated as brushstrokes in painting with species representing the finest brushstrokes. Humans are regarded as able to innately recognize species and nested hierarchies that reflect creation’s design.


Articles and Journals

  • Wise, K.P. 2005. Interspecific hybrids in the Solanaceae. Occasional Papers of the BSG 5:17-18.
  • Wise, K.P. 2009. Mammal kinds: how many were on the Ark? CORE Issues in Creation 5:129-161.
  • Wise, K.P. 2015. Paleontological notes on the baraminology of frogs. Journal of Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences 5:7.
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