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Extended Hybridization

Siegfried Scherer also worked with hybridization, but he took it in a different direction. He allowed either two animals to hybridize with each other (as others did above) or each with a third organism. In other words, if A can breed with C and B can breed with C then A and B can be considered as the same kind along with C. He also suggested that true fertilization must go passed the early stages of embryogenesis. He suggested that fertilization is not enough to be considered successful because the first few divisions of the cell can be strictly through maternal control. He suggested that there must be a successful expression of both paternal and maternal genes.


Articles and Journals

  • Scherer, S. 1993a. Der grundtyp der Entenartigen (Anatidae, Anseriformes): Biologische und pal’ontologische Streiflichter. In: Scherer, S., ed. Typen des Lebens. Pascal-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 131-158.
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