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Although the term Baraminology did not exist in his time, Carolus Linnaeus was a believer who thought the Creator must have used an orderly system in creation.

Contributions to Baraminology


The modern, and now evolutionary, taxonomic system using binomial nomenclature is based on Linnaean taxonomy. He based his early work on characteristics and he tried to define a species / kind as organisms that could interbreed among themselves, but not with other organisms. Later he used hybridization and realized that the species level was too narrow and suggested the Genus level might represent kinds.
Portrait of Carolus Linnaeus

Species and Genus

It is worth noting, that at the time of Linnaeus, the words ‘species’ and ‘genus’ were used in the Latin Vulgate translation of the Scriptures in place of the Hebrew word ‘min’ or kind. It is this reason that he used those words in his classification. At that time, species and kind were basically synonymous. It was much later that the definition of species changed from being a kind to something much more specific. Instead of a rose species encompassing all roses, there were suddenly many individual rose species as it is used today.

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Todd Elder

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