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Dr Lightner worked just over three years as a veterinary medical officer for the US Department of Agriculture before resigning to stay at home to raise and teach her four children.

Jean Lightner has worked with classification of birds and mammals as well as genetic recombination.


Articles and Journals

  • Lightner, J.K. 2006a. Identification of species within the sheep-goat kind (Tsoan monobaramin). Journal of Creation 20:61-65.
  • Lightner, J.K. 2006b. The baraminic status of the family Cervidae as determined using interspecific hybrid data. Occasional Papers of the BSG 8:12-13.
  • Lightner, J.K. 2007. Identification of species within the cattle monobaramin. Journal of Creation 21:119-122.
  • Lightner, J.K. 2010. Identification of a large sparrow-finch monobaramin in perching birds (Aves: Passeriformes). Journal of Creation 24:117-121.
  • Lightner, J.K. 2012. Mammalian ark kinds. Answers Research Journal 5:151-204.
  • Lightner, J. 2013. An initial estimate of avian ark kinds. Answers Research Journal 6:409-466.
  • Lightner, J., T. Hennigan, G. Purdom, and B. Hodge. 2011. Determining the ark kinds. Answers Research Journal 4:195-201.
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