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Analysis of Patterns

In an attempt to find a way to determine baramins without reproduction, David Cavanaugh introduced the Analysis of Patterns (ANOPA) technique. This technique makes characteristics of the animal a distinct statistical dimension which is placed into a multi-dimensional space. It is later simplified to a three dimensional grid. Different kinds should come out to different spaces on the grid and show the distinct groups.


Articles and Journals

  • Cavanaugh, D.P. and T.C. Wood. 2002. A baraminological analysis of the tribe Heliantheae sensu lato (Asteraceae) using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA). Occasional Papers of the BSG 1:1-11.
  • Cavanaugh, D.P., T.C. Wood, and K.P. Wise. 2003. Fossil Equidae: a monobaraminic, stratomorphic series. In: Ivey, R.L., ed. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Creationism. Creation Science Fellowship, Pittsburgh, PA, pp. 143-153.
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