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“Who am I?” is another one of the great questions of life. In the asking of the question, there is recognition that one person is not just like another. Each person has their own interests, skills, and activities in which to participate. The thoughtful answer to “who am I?” reveals a lot about a person and reveals the goals and work a person might have for their life. But how can this question be best answered?

Action versus Description

Describing an Object

If a person were to tell another person about a pencil, the words used might include such items as yellow, thin, about six inches long, sharp point at one end, blunt at the other end, and made of wood, rubber, and graphite. These are all correct. Yet they only describe a pencil without stating what it does. Another answer would be to state ‘it is used for writing’. Similarly, telling another person about a bed could yield a number of descriptions such as soft, big, four corner posts, sheets and blankets or the action it is used for sleeping. The use of descriptive nouns and adjectives is very common among the western civilizations but the use of action verbs is more common among middle eastern cultures. The use of verbs in the answer can help focus attention to what is central and most important about the object or a person.

Describing a Person

The description of a person can include roles in their lives such as man, husband, and father or activities in their life such as student and worker or characteristics such as strong, fast, and competitive. However, if a single action verb were to be chosen to describe this person it might be more telling than all of these combined in getting to know the person. For example, if a person were described as ‘raising children’ it would not be surprising to learn that such a man has many of his own children, teaches classes in his local church fellowship, is active in the local boy scout troop, and contributes to an organization like Compassion International which sends food and supplies to poor children in faraway nations. In each of these things, we see that he is focused on helping to raise children in a good direction.

Fishing Example

Another example of this is the man who is described as doing fishing. He might be able to be described as a man, a husband, and a father. He might be able to be described as a student or worker. He might be strong, fast, and competitive. However, ‘he does fishing’ can say much more about his life. This man spends a lot of time fishing, teaching others how to fish, running a fishing supply store, and eventually selling large equipment such as fishing boats. Everyone who knows the man also knows that fishing is equivalent with his life.

For Believers

There are many appropriate answers to ‘who am I?’ that can be given by believers in the Messiah. ‘Loving’ is an excellent answer since the to two great commandments are to love the Eternal and love our neighbor as our self. Similarly, ‘working for the Kingdom of Heaven’ is a powerful direction and action to put oneself into. ‘Raising His children’ and ‘fishing for men’ are important as well.

Finding an Answer

The answer to this question will be different for each person. For some, answering the question ‘who am I’ is an easy task with an obvious answer. For others, the asking of this question may be the first time they have truly looked at what they are doing with their life. Either way, give it prayerful consideration and take the time to really understand. As one of the great questions of life, any answer that is chosen will likely have a great impact on one’s life and how time is used. Such an answer can help direct our actions in a purposeful way and can become what the individual is known for.

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