Where Did I Come From?

Where did I come from? This is, perhaps, the single most important question a person can ask among the great questions of life. It deals with not only with a person’s personal history and ancestry, but also with the origin of man. How a person answers this question will directly impact how all other questions of life are answered. This answer is a basic concept or premise upon which is built all other concepts. Within the world, there are two main answers given to this topic. The first answer is from a secular perspective that yields the view of human evolution. The second answer is from Scripture that describes the creation of mankind by the Creator. The former produces a life without meaning and the latter produces life with great purpose and meaning.

The Secular Answer

Secular View

A secular view rejects the idea of the spiritual or supernatural. Within this view of life the Big Bang Theory is used to describe the formation of the Universe and the Theory of Evolution is used to describe the formation of life. The evolutionary view of life states that man descended from an ape-like animal, which in turn descended from a reptile, bacteria, and eventually a mixture of chemicals that formed the first self-replicating molecule. The origin of man came by chance. According to this view there is no meaning or purpose to life, existence is largely by chance, and after the death of the body there is nothing more because there is no spirit or soul.

Secular Science and Education

A secular education will teach the concept of evolution as though it were fact. Although such an education might sometimes admit to difficulties in proving the Theory of Evolution, the impression is generally given that with more research the problems will be overcome. Sadly, the difficulties are often understated and the evidence against evolution is entirely lacking from such educational systems. Philosophy, which is based on many assumptions, becomes a primary source of ideas on the meaning of life and what is morally right and wrong because the origin of man is just a highly evolved animal.

Evidence Against Human Evolution

There are many ways to approach the Theory of Evolution to show it does not work. Here, a look at the basics is all that is necessary. First, For the concept of evolution to work, billions of years are required. However, there is considerable evidence that the Earth and universe are only several thousand years old. Second, evolution requires a mechanism for change which is considered to be mutations. However, mutations have never been demonstrated to add any new information. In fact, mutations only make things worse. Third, the fossil record should show many intermediates from ape to man, yet there are none. Further, the famous transitional fossils for humans have been either frauds or mistakes. The evidence for evolution in time, mechanism, and record is entirely lacking.

The Creation Answer

Creation View

For the believer, the origin of man is the Creator who made everything in the Heavens and Earth including life and mankind. The believer knows that there is a purpose and a meaning to life and, furthermore, that the Creator cares about His creation and has made a special relationship with mankind. This view includes the concept of a person as a created being, made in the image of the Creator, with life in this physical body now and having a more spiritual body which can be eternal as well.

Creation Science

As a scientific study, theories of Creationism make predictive models and hypotheses of the physical world and universe based on the concepts of a special creation. Experiments and research are then conducted to see if these predictions are found to be true. Often, this research involves exactly the same information and experimental data as collected by secular scientists. However, the interpretation of the data is often found to support Creationism much better than the Theory of Evolution. This is no less true with the origin of man.

Evidence for the Creation of Mankind

Anthropology is the study of mankind and cultures in science. It includes the fields of biology, linguistics, society, culture, and archaeology. The fossil record gives strong evidence to a special creation of mankind by showing man existed at the same time as dinosaurs and that people did not develop from a primitive animal. Linguistic studies show the rapid appearance of many well-developed languages that fits the prediction of the dispersion after the tower of Babel, rather than the slow formation from simple languages which evolution would expect.

Making a Decision

How a person will live their life is heavily based upon how a person answers this question. Where do I come from? What is the origin of man? Does life come from random chemicals and molecules coming together for a time and ending when those chemicals no longer hold together? Or does life come from a Creator who loves His creation, wants a relationship with mankind, and wants to give people eternal life? This is the starting point, because either nothing matters or there is a Creator who wants to love you. The evidence for the origin of man is all around us and it points to the Creator.

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