What Do I Want?

“What do I want?” is another one of the great questions of life. Yet many people have not deeply considered what this really means. Instead, answers come from what is popular in their society such as a big house or a sporty car. In regards to life, ‘what do I want’, goes deeper than that … it helps us form our goals and decide how we will spend our time.

Searching for Answers

Pleasure and Pain

Many people will decide what they want based on the concepts of pleasure and pain. This often becomes a shortsighted project and what feels pleasant at the time is pursued even if it truly is not the best thing for a person in the long term. Learning to recognize that what is best and will bring increased happiness long term as well as being disciplined enough to wait and work for it is a major challenge in life.

In the Physical

Within many societies and cultures across the world, the common goals to pursue are power and wealth. Within the societies influenced by Greek and Roman culture, there is also commonly the pursuit of knowledge and beauty. In fact, large amounts of time and effort are given toward pursing these goals. However, these are things which come across as urgent, rather than important, when considered in the great themes of life.

Regarding the Emotional

When a person seeks what is truly important in life, the most common answer given is love. Almost everything physical will be given up for love. Whether a person is an extrovert satisfied with many friends or an introvert satisfied with few friends, all seek love. Virtually all societies have love stories where a hero goes through magnificent deeds to find true love. Love is a key component to the value of a family. If you ask a parent, the vast majority of people will say the time, effort, and expense of raising a child is worth it.

Evolution’s Response

Within the limits of the Theory of Evolution, the concept of love does not make sense. Evolution states that each individual is in a battle for the survival of the fittest. Each person is out for their own good. The concept of loving one’s neighbor, of helping others, giving to the poor, or any other act of charity which people value does not make sense. This is because evolution cannot include or know our Heavenly Father’s love.

Goals in Life

Purpose of Life

Without addressing the ultimate meaning of life, one of the purposes of life is learning to love. Within Scripture, the two greatest commandments are to love the Eternal and to love your neighbor as yourself. The Ten Commandments, and all the detailed laws under them, show us what that love is supposed to look like. Do not murder, do not steal, and do not commit adultery are all examples that show us how to love and honor one another.

The Choice is Ours

Through the Scriptures, the Creator of life has given many answers to the questions of life. “What do I want?” can be well answered with love (also truth, righteousness, blessing, eternal life, etc.). Yet there must be recognition that it is our choice to pursue these things. If we do not make this choice consciously, then one runs the risk of living life trying to avoid pain which is not what we truly want.

Questions of Life Series

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