Searching for Answers

One of the best ways to encourage life is to boldly confront the issues raised by the great questions of life rather than fearing or shying away from them. If we do not have the answers to these questions, then our lives will generally become reactive to situations and people rather than proactive towards a goal. Reactions to family, friends, work, and society may produce a lifestyle we are comfortable with, but a lifestyle is not life itself. When we know the answers to the questions of life, it will produce a sense of purpose and meaning that can give us goals and projects on which to move forward. It is a means to life abundant and a life with blessing.

My Personal Search

Facing Life and Death

Like most people, I have had times in my life when I had to try and answer the great questions of life and decide what I wanted. None are more poignant than when I was eighteen years old and soon to graduate from high school. Life was lonely, painful, and the future seemed bleak. I almost committed suicide. The one thing that stopped me was the singular question “what if there is meaning to life?” as I certainly did not know of any at that time.

Searching for Meaning to Life

My search for the meaning of life started out in the physical world and in philosophy because that is all I knew to search. Mankind has learned much about the physical world through the sciences, but there is no answer to life to be found in the physical. Philosophy explores possibilities through logic, but ultimately it is all based on assumptions. When I finally turned to the Scriptures I found something that explained life as I saw and experienced it. The challenge, for me, was to comprehend the possibility and depths of a spiritual level of life. As I explored this possibility, and also that of a relationship with the One Most High, life suddenly opened up and great things started to happen.

The Destructive Path of Evolution

It is not uncommon for man to try and answer the great questions of life. This endeavor has been done for thousands of years. Yet in the last two hundred years, a relatively new answer has emerged and been accepted by large numbers of people. That answer is evolution.

From the perspective of evolution, the great questions of life have hopeless answers. A person is a bunch of chemicals that by chance come together for a period of time and then will fall apart again at some time. There is no greater meaning to life. Life can only be used to try and selfishly get what one wants. It, more or less, leaves out the possibility of a soul or spirit and life continuing after the death of the body.

Under the perspective of evolution, there is no absolute good and evil. Morality becomes subjective or altogether unneccessary. With this kind of perspective, it is little wonder that there has been a tremendous moral decline in the world in the last century. It is little wonder that violent crime is up. It explains why there is so little value given to human life. All of this because of a scientific theory that cannot be proved true.

True Life is Found in Scripture

It is true that we cannot go into a lab and create a universe without the Almighty and a universe with the Almighty and see which is more like our own. Yet the evidence of a created universe is all around us. If we honestly take the evidence that science is giving us and put it in a balance scale, we will see that it much more strongly supports creation than it does evolution. In fact, the details of scientific work are now disproving that evolution could ever happen.

When one seeks the answers to life from the One who created life, one finds peace, hope, joy, and love. We learn that we are created with a purpose, that life has value and meaning, that life goes on even after the death of the body. The record of the One Most High’s relationship with mankind is found in the Scriptures and consistently show His amazing love for us even though mankind is full of rebellion and unthankfulness.

Seeking Life

Where to Search

There are many paths and directions that people search while exploring life and searching for answers. One direction is philosophy. Philosophy attempts to examine the possibilities of life through logic, but it is ultimately based on assumptions and cannot provide any meaning to life. A second direction is scientific study. Science helps man gain knowledge about the world and the universe, but it is generally limited to the physical aspects of life and, therefore, also does not contain answers to questions about life. The direction that truly has answers is Scripture. Scripture contains a description of both the physical and spiritual aspects of life and provides answers to the meaning of life both now and in eternity.


The major difficulties that stop people from confronting the questions of life are fear, pride, and distraction. Fear can stop a person from approaching or dealing with the issues at hand. Pride can make a person think they are above the issue and allow it to be ignored. Distractions, which are many in a world of entertainment, will take away one’s time and effort for something of little or no value. Fear, pride, and distraction tear down and take away from life rather than building it up.

Accept the Challenge

Answering the great questions of life is a process. It is a process that can challenge us down to the very core of our being. It takes time, effort, and energy. Yet, it is one of the most valuable things we can do and the rewards of that effort are a lifetime of fulfillment and meaning. It is a process that should involve prayer and seeking the will of the Almighty in our lives. If a person is willing to follow, He will lead and bring that person to life as we cannot imagine.

Questions of Life Series

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Todd Elder

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