What Happens After I Die?

“What happens after I die?” is another one of the great questions of life. This time, examining what happens when that life ends. There are only a few possible answers and those given by Evolution and Creation are almost as far apart as possible.

Searching for Answers

After Death according to Evolution

According to the Theory of Evolution, life is just a collection of molecules that have randomly come together for a time. At some point, for death to occur, these molecules are unable to continue functioning together and life ceases for that individual. Life is over. All the experiences, thoughts, and emotions of that person are gone and will never return. This answer only looks at the physical side of life and ignores the spiritual side of life. Yet people seem to innately have a sense of eternity, that life is more than just a bunch of molecules, and that the evolutionary answer to this question is lacking. People seek another answer to this question.

After Death according to Creation

According to Scripture and the account of the Creation, life has a spiritual aspect as well as a physical aspect. The person has a soul. There is the possibility of eternal life. In fact, as originally made, life was meant to be everlasting because death did not exist and would not exist until mankind had sinned. In the midst of the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Life to which, after the first sin, mankind has lost access. The Eternal is selective who will again have access to eternal life, but it is still possible.

Eternal Life

Quality of Eternal Life

What is eternal life like? If we were to take our current experiences (like trying to stay warm and have shelter in the cold winter months) and assume that is what eternity will be like, then it probably paints a picture of difficulty and misery. This is far from accurate. What the Almighty promises His people, cannot be compared to the fallen world that now exists. The Creator loves His creation and desires good for His people. He has promised a new Heavens and Earth. Yet what each person receives depends on the individual judgments they receive.

Judgments on Life

When we look at Scripture, we learn that there are two types of judgment to come after death. The first judgment is for eternal life which is based on having the Messiah as Savior for the forgiveness of sin (that which took away the possibility of eternal life to begin with). The second judgment comes on the rewards (and punishments) for our works and actions in this life. This makes the concept of ‘Meeting one’s Maker’ either a scary idea or one of great joy depending on the relationship that has been formed with Him. This, perhaps more than anything else, should motivate a person to turn from wrongdoing and seek the Savior.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Near

Both John the Baptist and the Messiah preached “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. What does this mean? To give an answer, allow me to replace ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ with attributes of the Kingdom of Heaven and it might be more clear. Repent because the Judgment of Righteousness is near. Repent because the Messiah our Substitute in punishment is near. Repent because forgiveness is near. Repent and be baptized because eternal life is near. Interestingly, each of these attributes points to the Messiah and His role as Savior … because this is the Kingdom of Heaven: righteousness, substitution, forgiveness, and eternal life.

What Happens After I Die?

The answer to this question actually depends on what you choose to do in life now. There are many promises to the believer, but the judgments for eternal life will come.

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