Pre-Flood Environment

Many varieties of modern plants and animals are found in large sizes in the fossil record. These likely existed before the flood and show how conditions have changed. Just as Scripture records the lifespan of people dropped dramatically after the flood, similar probably occurred with plants and animals.

Simulating the Pre-Flood Environment

Giant Tomato Plant

Dr. Kei Mori, a physicist from Keio University in Japan, worked with a Cherry Tomato plant that started in his basement. He gave light to the plant with a fiber optic cable which filtered out UV light, a process called ‘Himawari Sunlighting’. He also added pressurized CO2 in a gasket around the stem and root system. At some point, this plant was moved to a greenhouse which also simulated these conditions. Within 2 years, the tomato plant had reached 16 feet tall with 800 tomatoes. In 16 years, it was reported at 45 feet tall with 15,000 tomatoes. It was further reported that, under these conditions, the tomatoes would stay green until they were picked.

Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers are amble to increase the atmospheric pressure inside of the unit and some can also control the amount of certain gases like oxygen. Amazing results have happened using these machines for healing. In fact, some hospitals have started using these machines. Healing occurs much faster under these conditions. The effects of hyperbaric atmospheres on biological organisms is largely unknown. In one experiment, a copperhead snake was placed in a hyperbaric chamber. After two weeks, the venom which is normally a disordered protein became quite ordered (it was not tested for toxicity). These conditions seem to enhance some proteins and reduce others.

Single Leafed Raspberry

A raspberry plant was grown in 100% humidity. It usually has leaves that come in threes, but this had only single leaves.

Plants Before the Flood

The horsetail rush typically grows 2-3 feet tall but in the fossil record it can be found taller than telephone poles. Cattails, which stand about 6 feet tall today have fossil equivalents 60 feet tall.

Animals Before the Flood

Fossil Moose about 12 feet tall at the shoulders. Six foot long beaver found in Ohio. Huge fossil sharks tooth. There is a 14 foot shell from a turtle. Four foot wide dragonfly wings. Crocodile about 45 feet long. Cockroach about 1 foot long. 20 foot tall camel in Texas. 9 foot donkey.

Last Updated: 06 / 2017
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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