Post-Flood Conditions

Presumably, the world was in much worse shape after the Flood. The environment had changed drastically and probably included new things like rain and snow as well as hot deserts and frozen areas. It probably now included mountains and tropical areas. As the animals emerged from the Ark and began migrating, they would begin adapting to these environments. Such adaptations would be limited to what existed within the gene pool of any given population.

Dispersion After the Flood

According to a scriptural timeline, about 4,300 years have passed since the time of the flood. This probably included an ice age shortly after the period of the flood. During this time, rapid diversification would have occurred within animal kinds as they spread out and moved into new habitats. This diversification is not a sign of evolution in progress, but is instead simply the breeding out of characteristics that already exist within the animals.

Languages After the Tower of Babel

When languages appear in history, they are well developed and complex. Instead of beginning with primitive forms, they start complex and tend to simplify over time. The study of linguistics suggests there are about 100 languages that are the base of all the known languages in the world today. This is slightly more than the 70 languages / nations mentioned in Scripture after the Tower of Babel.

Extinction After the Flood

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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