Cone Bearing Plant Kinds


Gymnosperms are plants that leave the seed uncovered and most often produce cones from which the seeds are released. This group contains about 1000 living species and many, more varied, extinct types as well.

Cone Bearing Kinds


Cycadibar – Cycad Kind
Pinibar – Pine Kind
Pinusot – Pines, Tsugaot – Hemlock, Piceot – Spruce, Larixot – Larch, Tamarack
Cupressibar – Cypress Kind
Cupressot – True Cypress, Juniperot – Red Cedar, Juniper
Taxodibar – Bald Cypress Kind
Taxodiot – Bald Cypress, Sequoiot – Redwood, Sequoiadendrot – Giant Sequoia
Taxacibar – Yew Kind
Ephedribar – Ephedra Kind
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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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