Baraminology in the Physical Sciences

Although the physical sciences do not directly relate to Created Kinds and Baraminology, the underlying principles of physics, chemistry, and astronomy help provide support for the general concepts of Creationism and the Model of Created Kinds.


Physics is the branch of science that studies forces, properties of matter, and the fundamental laws of nature. Physics study includes the topics of light and optics, magnetism, heat, and electricity as well as the more recent fields of nuclear, particle, and quantum physics. The study of physics has produced understanding and scientific laws regarding how matter interacts with other matter and how energy moves. The laws of thermodynamics, the laws of motion, and conservation of mass energy all provide powerful and effective models from which to study the physical universe. The evidence for creation in physics includes the general and rapid state of decay, the earth’s decreasing magnetic field, earth and moon interactions, information in the genetic code, and other short lived features on earth and in the universe.


Chemistry is the branch of the physical sciences that examines the properties, composition, and structure of atoms, elements, molecules, substances, and compounds. Within the field of chemistry, there is an emphasis on how these items react, transform, and exchange energy when interacting with each other. Within the earth sciences, chemistry mostly deals with inorganic compounds while in the biological sciences it deals with organic compounds. The chemical evidence for Creation includes the lack of chemical equilibrium and the existence of the medium to heavy atomic elements.


Astronomy is the scientific study of the physical universe outside of the Earth. This includes a wide range of objects including stars, planets, comets, nebulae, and galaxies. It contains the sub-fields of astrophysics which studies the control of matter and energy in the universe as well as cosmology which looks at the origin, current state, and ultimate fate of the universe. This is one of the oldest of the sciences which is recorded by the astronomical artifacts and accurate calendars that remain from early civilizations. The astronomical evidence for Creation includes star formation, planet formation, magnetic fields, comets, and supernova.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
Todd Elder

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