Malviobar – Hibiscus Kind


Kind :
Malviobar [Elder 2016*]
Orchard Name :
Thespesot grandiflorim
Common Name :
Maga ( hibiscus / mallows family )
Habitats :
Native to Puerto Rico – prefers humid areas in limestone mountains.
TOE Reference :
O-Malvales, F-Malvaceae, G-Thespesia, S-grandiflora
Comments :
The family Malvaceae has recently been enlarged to include the families Bombacaceae, Tiliaceae, and Sterculiaceae due to molecular data. Morphologically, in regards to the Floral Formula, the traditional form of the family is probably correct and most closely matches the current subfamily Malvoideae.


Maga Flower

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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