Hybrid Plants and Animals Display Variation within a Kind

The amount of variation that can occur within a single kind is somewhat surprising. Hybrids that are witnessed between species and genera give strong examples of what is possible. These hybrids will typically have a unique appearance which shows characteristics of both of the parents since they have genetic information from both of them. However, the hybrid animals are not always fertile as the arrangement of the chromosomes may no longer match well enough to reproduce. A common example of an infertile hybrid is the mule which comes from a horse and a donkey.

Animal Hybrids


Camel Hybrids

One of the intentional hybrids is the making of a cama, a cross between a camel and a llama.

Cat Hybrids

Many hybrid examples can be found within the cat family, Felidae, as both small and large cats or wild and domesticated cats are found to hybridize.

Dolphin Hybrids

One interesting hybrid is the Wholphin. This is a cross between a dolphin, Tursiops, and a false killer whale, Pseudorca.

Horse Hybrids

The horse family also has a lot of hybridization including horses, donkeys, and zebras.

Plant Hybrids


Citrus Kind Hybrids

In Puerto Rico, a hybrid formed between two species in the genus of Citrus that is known as the Chironja. It is a hybrid between the china (a type of orange) and the tironja (a type of grapefruit). The resulting hybrid was appreciated because it was sweeter and easier to peel than a standard grapefruit. However, it was found to typically be infertile. Through methods of grafting, it has become an established food in some parts of the world. That they were able to hybridize shows that these two citrus fruits are from the same created kind.

Grass Kind Hybrids

Another intentional hybrid, which proved successful, is the grain called triticale. It was produce by mixing wheat, Triticum, and rye, Secale. This plant is not only fertile, but is now gaining popularity in cooking.

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Todd Elder

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