Introduction to Created Kinds and Baraminology

Studying the Created Kinds in Scripture brings an understanding to the basic concepts of life. The concept of Created Kinds includes a basic understanding of the Creator, the Genesis Kinds found in the Garden of Eden, the Ark Kinds found during Noah’s flood, and the plants and animals found alive today.

Baraminology is defined as the study of Created Kinds and more generally refers to the classification of plants and animals from a Creationist viewpoint. The field of Baraminology makes an attempt to determine what the original created kinds were as well as connect different species within a kind today.

Introduction to Created Kinds in Scripture

Adam Naming the Animals

Adam Naming the Animals

The book of Genesis states that The Creator made the Heavens and the Earth including plants, animals, and man. The plants and animals made during the Creation Week are often referred to as the genesis kinds. Although the focus is on the relationship with mankind, the Scriptures continue to describe the genesis kinds in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Unlike the secular views of modern biology which defines life by functions of the body, the Scriptures state that life is much more.

The Ark Kinds are the creatures that were alive and gathered together on board Noah’s ark during the time of the flood. At the time of the flood, the pairs of animals were gathered together to keep the different kinds alive. These pairs were obviously able to mate and reproduce. This breeding ability is sometimes referred to as the ‘Noah Test’ for kinds. If they are able to have offspring, they are of the same kind.

The base for understanding both creation and life is rooted in the Scriptures and grows in a relationship with the Eternal.

The names of the Creator include Yahveh the Father and Yahshuah the Son. His titles include: Eternal, Maker, Savior, Redeemer.

He Created: Plants with a body : Animals with body and soul : Man with body, soul, and spirit.

Scripture does not try to formally classify things, but it does contain large groupings: grasses, herbs, and trees : swarming, creeping, and flying animals : angels, cherubim, and seraphim

There are physical and spiritual aspects of life. Physically, plants and animals were created as kinds. Through time, variation within a kind has produced specific breeds which we call species.

Mankind was given dominion over creation. After his fall into sin, man has lost his close relationship with the Creator and the world has been deteriorating.

The worldwide flood was a judgment on sin that brought destruction. The fossil record is a testament to this and a reminder of the great variety of plants and animals that once existed.

In the future, there will be a New Heavens and Earth with mankind in close relationship with His Maker again.

Introduction to the Science of Baraminology


Human Evolution or Mixture of Ape and Human Skulls?

The topic of Creationism is not a salvation issue. However, anything, like Evolutionism, that causes doubt or difficulty with understanding or believing Scripture is yet another stumbling block that inhibits a person from becoming a believer or a stronger believer. Evolutionism has spread rapidly in the last several decades. At the same time, Creationism has been slow in responding. Baraminology, the scientific study of created kinds, is one of the responses that is now forming and challenging the Theory of Evolution. The more we study kinds, the more evidence is discovered to show that science supports Creationism.

Scientific research allows us to gain knowledge about the physical aspects of life.

Believers should not fear science. When it follows where the evidence leads, it points to the Creator.

There are many foundational problems with Evolutionism and the Theory of Evolution which are not often discussed.

The physical, earth, and biological sciences all show evidence of a young earth and a worldwide flood.

Created kinds are determined by their unique form while species within a kind are determined by the surface features on that form.

Plants and animals tend to favor mating with others of a similar heritage (same breed or species), but hybrids with other species demonstrate the wide range of possibilities within a kind.

When environments or habitats change, plants and animals will acclimate to those changes within the limits of already existing genetic traits.

There is a reproductive continuity within a kind and a reproductive discontinuity (gap) between kinds. Various methods of baraminology research are determining the boundaries and gaps between one kind and another.

Introduction to Creationism’s Worldview

Choices Between Good and Evil

Choices Between Good and Evil

Believers want to build their relationship with the One Most High and grow closer to Him. The relationship with the Almighty grows the same way as any relationship, by spending time together and getting to know each other better. One of the best ways to do this is to read His words that are written to His people, which are recorded in the Scriptures. There are many philosophies, cultures, and ideas that want to take attention away from the Almighty and have believer’s forget the truth about creation and life. By knowing and understanding His word, believers can stand strongly in the truth and resist what is false.

One of the great goals in life is the search for truth. Science can be part of that goal as one tries to determine facts.

When facts are interpreted through personal bias or worldviews, the truth gets distorted and can become misleading.

Ultimately, the war against truth comes from Satan and his attempts to enslave people to his ways.

The great questions of life help to determine our personal goals in this life and how we prepare for eternal life.

Living life to the fullest includes wisely applying what we know of creation and created kinds to living life everyday.

Honor in the Kingdom of Heaven comes through righteousness, not riches or fame.

Without understanding the Creator or the creation, humans will try to control and manipulate everything even to his own harm. This includes a wide variety of topics including genetic engineering, weather manipulation, radioactive materials, and even other people.

Introduction to Creation Taxonomy and Classification

The Creation Orchard ( Segment )

The Creation Orchard ( Segment )

Taxonomy and classification are ways to show how things are ordered or arranged. The field of Baraminology works to determine and define sets of Created Kinds.

The Creation Orchard is a representation of the distinct created kinds of plants and animals which quickly demonstrates the basic differences with the evolutionary tree of life.

Created kinds groups things together by the ability to breed while evolution groups things together by similarities. These are two different systems so an exact comparison is difficult; however, created kinds averages near the classification level of Family.

A creation based classification system would help clarify the creation orchard and display the wonderful variety of created kinds. By slightly varying the existing Linnaean based system, the tremendous amount of taxonomic information from centuries of work can be retained.

Most of the research has focused on the animals that are considered to be ‘ark kinds’. There remains much work to do with classifying these as well as plants, other animals, and microorganisms.

Introduction to Baraminology Quest

The way to fight evil and falsehood that attacks Scripture is to know what Scripture states. Even the Messiah battled Satan by quoting the written Word (Mat. 4). Therefore, the main goal of this website is to look at the scriptural and scientific aspects of Created Kinds. To examine what the written Word has to say about life and man’s relationship with the world around him. By understanding the basic concepts of creation and life, believers will be able to move forward confidently in building a closer relationship with their Creator.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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