The Bias of Methodological Naturalism

Methodological Naturalism is the application of philosophical naturalism to the processes of scientific research.

Defining Naturalism

Naturalism has its base in the Natural Philosophy of the Greek Empire and it focused on the premise of nature existing without a god or, at most, with a distant god that may have started things but now does not interact with nature. It is a materialistic concept where physical matter, without anything spiritual, could produce all that exists. These concepts all but do away with a Creator and the possibility of a relationship with Him.

Naturalism in the Sciences

When naturalism is applied to scientific study, it means that nothing thought to be supernatural (spiritual or god-like) will be considered. This arbitrarily limits the scope of investigation and opens the possibility of missing vital information, data, and knowledge. In essence, it undermines the scientific goal of following where the evidence leads.

The following books are recommended reading for those who want to learn more about this topic.

History of Methodological Naturalism Book Cover

Naturalism and it's Alternatives Book Cover

Last Updated: 10/01/2017
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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