Evidence for Creation in Genetics

Pre-Zygotic Barriers

Pre-zygotic barriers, things which inhibit or prohibit mating recognition and fertilization of the egg, are something that makes testing hybridization difficult and which can speed up the acclimation process. One barrier is temporal / time issues such as species being active at different times of the day or year. A second barrier is habitat or territorial restraints. There are also behavioral issues such the change of mating calls across similar species of birds. There is also the mechanical barrier when two species are unable to physically get together due to factors such as size difference.

Post-Zygotic Barriers

There are also post-zygotic barriers, things which inhibit or stop a fertilized egg from becoming a fully function adult and, therefore, does not continue that set of genetics down a line. This can include hybrid inviability where the offspring does not survive. It also includes hybrid sterility such as a mule. It also includes the long-term hybrid breakdown where a first generation offspring is viable and fertile, but in which later generations are weak or sterile.

Genetic Selection

Some of the processes given by the Theory of Evolution for Natural Selection do occur to a limited extent. This extent has sometimes been called micro-evolution and expresses the genetic variations that occur within a kind. That these processes occur on a small scale does not suggest that they can also occur on a large scale, or macro-evolution, level. Macro-evolution has been defined as morphological changes that would make one kind form into a new kind (specifically – not just a new species within a kind, but an entirely new kind).


Variation within a kind is possible. This is based on the expression of the genetic traits combined within a kind or species. This variation helps kinds adapt to different environments or conditions. The rate of variation can change if the environment changes drastically such as the time following the Flood.


Mutations in the genetic code make things worse. It is a deterioration of the genetic code and the result is a lower quality of health. Mutations include insertions, deletions, translocations, and many other changes.

Body’s Defense Against Mutation

The body actually conatains ‘repair mechanisms’ to remove mutations. More technically, Endonuclease finds an error, exonuclease removes it, and polymerase adds the correction. If this system does not work, then genetic errors accumulate and eventually cause death.

For Further Study

Genetic Entropy Cover

Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome by J. C. Sanford

Dr. John Sanford, a retired Cornell Professor, shows in Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome that the “Primary Axiom” is false. The Primary Axiom is the foundational evolutionary premise – that life is merely the result of mutations and natural selection. In addition to showing compelling theoretical evidence that whole genomes can not evolve upward, Dr. Sanford presents strong evidence that higher genomes must in fact degenerate over time. This book strongly refutes the Darwinian concept that man is just the result of a random and pointless natural process.

Last Updated: 06 / 2017
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Todd Elder

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