Created Kinds in Hebrew and Greek

Created Kinds in Hebrew

The created kinds are more formally known as Baramin. Technically, this word does not exist in the Hebrew language because it is a compound word made up of the separate words for ‘create’ and ‘kind’. The Hebrew word ברא (bara) means to create or a formative process. This word is never used in relation to the things that mankind makes, but rather is only used in regards to the Almighty. The Hebrew word מין (meen) means to portion out or to sort.

Created Kinds in Greek

Similar meaning is found in the Greek language of the Septuagint. The Greek word κτίζω (ktizo) means to fabricate or form originially. The Greek word γίνομαι (ghinomahee) means to generate or cause to be and is used broadly for offspring, descendants, and kindred.

Kinds are spoken of many times in the Scriptures as is the concept of them being Created. However, the combined form of ‘Baramin’ was made-up in the 1940’s and there are technically no Scripture passages with this exact form.

Last Updated: 06 / 2017
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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