Heavenly Kinds

Although the Heavenly realm falls outside of science and little detail is given in Scripture for theological discussion, it is perhaps worth mentioning that there are probably different ‘kinds’ of spiritual beings. This probably should not be unexpected from an orderly Creator. However, the possibility of their reproducing is largely conjecture from non-Scriptural books and will not be dealt with here.

End of Creation Week

At the end of the first week of creation, it is already evident that there is a physical realm that we live in and a spiritual realm that coexists with it. Although there are few passages to work from, one does find different kinds or levels within the Heavenly realm.

Exploring the Angelic Realm


The Seraphim are fiery looking serpents with six wings. They are described as being above Elohim’s throne. The root word for ‘seraph’ is also used for certain snakes including the object on top of the staff Moses used to heal the people. This staff was later idolized and destroyed. Yet such an image continues on in the realm of medicine where the winged snake on a staff has been made to represent medical practice.


The Cherubim are creatures with four faces, four wings, and circles beneath. They are described as supporting the Elohim’s throne in the Heavens. They are also depicted in the Tabernacle and Temple near the Ark of the Covenant. One was also placed to protect the Garden of Eden after the fall of man.


Angels appear more frequently than Seraphim or Cherubim, but have little description. Many famous paintings give angels two wings, but this seems uncalled for in Scripture. Angels have a hierarchy with Arch-Angels being mentioned by name. It is the angels that typically interact with man by delivering a special message or prophecy.

Satan’s Fall

Within the Creation Week, the Almighty declared everything to be good. This would include the Heavenly Creatures. This implies that Lucifer, also known as Satan or the Adversary, had not yet rebelled nor fallen from his position. However, Scripture describes a third of the angels falling with Satan. These are likely the demons that now pester man.

Kinds of Demon

Within the books of Matthew and Mark, the Messiah briefly mentions a ‘kind’ of demon. It is referenced in Mat. 17:21 and Mar 9:29 when the disciples were unable to heal a man. When asking why they could not, He responded that “this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting”. The Greek word used for kind is ‘genos’. This word is typically used in place of the Hebrew ‘min’. However, it has a much broader meaning. Therefore, caution should be used as this might be stating an office or position rather than a type or kind of demon.

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