The Fixity of Species

The Creator wanted the Earth filled with animals and set things in motion by having them reproduce ‘after their kind’. This phrase suggests that there is a limit to how different the descendants could be from the parents. It leaves room for some acclimation and variation within a kind, but suggests that a limitless change (from one kind into another) is not possible.

Fixity of Kinds

One phrase used to describe this limited amount of change is ‘fixity of species’. When this phrase was first used, species was equivalent with a kind. It is only in modern biology that species changed meaning to represent a breeding pairs. This has caused some confusion because a fixity of species was true by the old definition, but is untrue by the modern definition. However, in modern wording, a fixity of kinds is still a basic and true concept.

After their Kind

In the Hebrew language, ‘after their kind’ comes from the word ‘min’ which suggests a likeness or form that fits a type of plant or animal. The plants and animals were spoken into existence directly by Elohim and, therefore, did not have any ancestry nor was there any evolutionary means involved.

Creation Orchard

Often, the Theory of Evolution is demonstrated with a ‘Tree of Life’. This image depicts a single tree trunk (representing an unknown common ancestor) that branches out into all the known animals. In contrast, creationism has a forest or orchard where there are many tree trunks representing the different ancestral kinds with the branches and twigs on each tree representing the known animals within each kind.

Last Updated: 06 / 2017
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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