Why Not Pursue Academia?

Academia is concerned with research, education, and scholarship. To some degree, these are good goals. But many problems can lie hidden underneath. I could probably get a Masters or Doctorate degree as well as try to publish in a scientific journal … but I have seen what happens and it is not a battle worth fighting. I believe my calling is to help and encourage believers with science rather than prosper in the academic community.

Barriers in Secular Academia

When the established leadership of a group or organization is inherently biased, unfair, or ‘evil, then that which is good will not prosper under that organization or group. Such bias and unfairness can come from many sources, but typically include philosophies, worldviews, logical fallacies, or a desire of a group to maintain their own control over a situation.

Photography Example

For example, I once entered a multi-state photography competition which was open-themed – any subject matter could be entered. This particular contest had only a single judge … which strongly opens the possibility for personal bias. After the judging was over, it was discovered that all entries that were permitted to be on display or win a prize had to have a person in the image. It did not matter how good an image was for artistic merit, composition, or technique – if it did not include a person it was not shown. A tremendous bias by the judge that was not reflected in the rules for the contest. Many were unhappy with this outcome.

Controlled Science

The academic community has chosen to disregard all the evidence, and follow only that evidence which follows a naturalistic philosophy. This is not good and true science which follows where the evidence leads. It is a science with a pre-determined conclusion and any facts must be forced to come to that conclusion. This can be referred to as ‘science falsely so called’.

Barriers in Creationist Academia

Even within the realm of Creationist Academia, there are problems.

Journals and Copyrights

I am currently developing a method of determining flowering plant kinds based on the Floral Formula … something that is coming out of my unique training, research, and interests during the last 24 years. I submitted the idea to a few Creationist journals. One expressed an interest in this stating they would be “delighted” to have it. They sent the contract. The opening paragraphs basically stated that for the privilege of publishing with their organization, I would give them the rights to all of the work, charts, and graphs that went with it. In other words, if I wanted to quote myself in some future writing, I would have to get permission from them first. This is a terrible situation, but I have since learned it is commonplace among scientific journals. The worst part was the realization that this has happened to many other authors and the strong suspicion that once they published, the work they were doing stalled out and discontinued. The published information has been repeated for decades, but no one has taken the topic that was published to the next level. It sits there and languishes out of the control of the one who first produced it.

Conferences and Time Delays

I considered submitting the Floral Formula to a Creationist conference as well. But the rules basically set it up so that once submitted and accepted, the organization gets the right to present and publish the information first … meaning anything I have to share would have to wait 2 years (until the conference date) before getting out to the public.

Instead, I have chosen to present my current research freely and publicly at this website as well as being published in related books. This immediately puts it into the hands of anyone who could benefit from the information.

Last Updated: 27/10/2016
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
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