Naturalism has its base in the Natural Philosophy of the Greek Empire and it focused on the premise of nature existing without a god or, at most, with a distant god that may have started things but now does not interact with nature. It was a materialistic concept where physical matter, without anything spiritual, could produce all that exists. These concepts all but do away with a Creator and the possibility of a relationship with Him.

Scientific Naturalism

The concepts of Natural Philosophy largely disappeared through the Middle and Dark Ages. It re-emerged after the Enlightment period as natural philosophers, including both atheists and deists, were again looking for ways in which life could exist without the need for a god. At this time, it was primarily built on philosophical speculation and not empirical research by science. However, the scientific age was soon in coming and people were looking for ways to support these concepts and so Scientific Naturalism began.


In supporting a materialistic view, it did not take long for concepts such as long ages of geologic time, uniformitarian processes forming the Earth, and gradual development from simpler to more complex animals to develop. Sadly, the initial response by believers was to simply accept such ideas and start reading the Scriptures as allegorical in regards to the creation account rather than check out the scientific facts and alternate explanations. This has had a terrible effect in undermining people’s beliefs in the reliability of the Scriptures.

Theory of Evolution

Over time, Naturalism led to the development of the Theory of Evolution with a base in the concepts of competition and natural selection. This has directly or indirectly led to an increase in racism and wars among the peoples and nations. It also tries to place man among the animals rather than having a special place above them. Meanwhile, the problems with Naturalism or the Theory of Evolution are typically not mentioned within the scientific community because it is the accepted norm that must be proven.


Satan, the Evil One, has worked through the centuries to deceive mankind. This struggle has come on many different battlegrounds. One of the most prominent and more recent battlegrounds is that of science and the concept of Scientific Naturalism in which the primary understanding is now the Theory of Evolution.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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