Eugenics and Neo-Eugenics Movements

The word ‘eugenics’ comes from the Greek language and literally means “good genes”. The formal Eugenics Movement formed around social Darwinism in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was based on the concept that some people are more evolved than others and promoted the search for finding the best and most evolved humans.

Natural Selection and Racism

The basic concepts of competition, natural selection, and the genetic buildup of better genes has had a tremendous impact on society. One of the greatest impacts has been in regard to racism. According to the Scriptures, all people are descended from Adam and Eve. There are no races, only tribes or nations. The Theory of Evolution suggests that people have spread out around the world and some have been advancing genetically while others are dragging behind which supposedly makes them inferior. This became a driving force behind the actions of many of the governments and has lead to wars and horrific acts against ethnic groups of people or other nationalities.

Genetic Engineering

Today, the Theory of Evolution is used more than ever to justify the concepts of trying to improve the genetic pool. Ideas are moving in different directions but are still very active. The genetic engineering of various plants, animals, and food supplies is becoming increasingly common. From an evolutionary perspective, it might make sense to try and take genes from a mouse and place it in a potato to try and make it more moth resistant. Within the perspective of creation, things were designed with a purpose and were created good so such mixing the genes together will likely only make things worse.

Eugenics Movment

At the beginning of the last century, these concepts reached a high pitch and the Eugenics Movement formed nearly worldwide. Both society and nations were concerning themselves with what they considered to be good genetic material and wanted to increase this while suppressing bad genetic material. Sterilization, euthanasia, and other programs became socially applied and sometimes enforced by law. Although such actions have decreased, the concepts have never truly gone away and, even today, continue to affect how people view each other.

Experimenting on Life

We are finding that life is getting worse and falling apart, not better nor building up as evolution would say. Yet secular society still tries to improve what already exists and is on the search for good genes. Selective breeding, genetic modification, and laboratory techniques all contribute to a giant experiment on life that could have disastrous consequences both physically and morally.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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