Dinosaur Sightings in History

Would Dinosaurs Fit on Noah’s Ark?

Some have questioned whether or not the Ark would have been big enough to hold the dinosaurs since some of these creatures weigh many tons. The simplest answer to this situation is to remember that Noah did not necessarily have to carry adult animals on the Ark, but instead could have carried babies or young animals which would be much smaller. Furthermore, it is estimated that only about 50 Kinds of dinosaurs are now known with most of them being small in size.

Ancient Dinosaur Sightings and Legends

There are many ancient legends and records of people interacting with dinosaurs and dragons.

Modern Dinosaur Sightings

The last few centuries still include dinosaur sightings even today.

Modern Pterosaur Sightings

From the mountains of Mexico to the islands of Papua New Guinea, pterosaur sightings happen around the world. The possibility of living dinosaurs is intriguing. A general overview of areas with common sightings is given.

Dinosaurs and Dragons in Scripture

A listing of passages that relates to dinosaurs and dragons found within Scripture.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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