Baraminology Digest – October 2016

Creationist Taxonomy of Species

Todd Elder has been making strides in improving the Natanzera (giving offspring) Classification System. Starting October 5th, he will begin adding a few species per week to the Baraminology Quest website including their place within Kinds, the creationist form of their scientific name, and a short description. He may also tie in other information such as habitats and environmental acclimation. This is a direct attempt to try and show the Creation Orchard. He says: “we cannot show the Creation Orchard by hanging around in the evolutionary Tree of Life”.

Roger Sander’s Retirement

Roger Sanders has been active in Baraminology research for many years and has made many significant contributions – most notable to myself is his botanical work such as this article on Orchids. If you are not familiar with his work, it is worth ‘googling’ and reading the papers / journals you have access to. Although formally retiring, it is my understanding that he will remain active with the Creation Biology Society and the Core Academy of Sciences.


For those who enjoy cryptozoology (the study of hidden animals), a visit to the Living Pterosaur website should be a good visit. Jonathan Whitcomb has gathered together a large collection of data and testimonies on these creatures that are probably still alive in remote places of the world.

Understanding Created Kinds with Bunnies

Todd Wood has posted (re-posted?) his video about Created Kinds illustrated with rabbits in a recent blog post. It is an 8 1/2 minute video explaining some basic concepts.

The Citrus Kind

There is also a 3 1/2 minute video of Todd Elder tasting a Goat Lemon … a probable hybrid between a lemon and a grapefruit. This is actually a test of making short videos in the field while doing research.

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences

Seattle Creation Conference

The Seattle Creation Conference will host it’s annual Creation Conference on October 14-15, 2016. Most topics are general Creationism, but Frank Sherwin will be discussing ‘Human Evolution’. Of special note, there will be a live webcast of this event so you do not need to physically be there to watch and listen.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
Todd Elder

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