Baraminology Digest – September 2016

This past month has either been unusually slow for Baraminology Research (and the greater Creation and Evolution Debate) or, more likely, I have been too distracted by events surrounding my personal life to pay attention. So, instead of reporting the recent news, I shall simply share an update on the many projects I am continually working on.


Baraminology and Created Kinds Book

This book, about the Origin of Species by Special Creation and the Preservation of Mankind by the Creator, is still a few months away from being published. Had I self-published it as I have done past books, it would have been out already. However, I decided to go with an independent publisher. The results should be worth the wait. Not only will I add more material during the waiting time, but it will have better graphics and charts, a newly created font just for my ‘floral formula’ work, and also be available in both paperback and hardback cover editions. It is currently around 160 pages in 8×10 inch format, includes over 100 color photographs, and it keeps growing.

Baraminology and Created Kinds Seminar

This many hour seminar (for the full length version) is currently being developed and should be available for presentation next year. It covers a full range of topics including Genesis Kinds, Ark Kinds, Evidence for Created Kinds in the sciences, taxonomic research, as well as general supporting arguments in the Creation and Evolution debate. There is a possibility of producing this on a DVD that can be given away.


Elder’s Model of Created Kinds – Thesis Research in Baraminology

I am currently setting up a website that will have current information on my personal research into Baraminology. This includes developing a scientific model of Created Kinds, exploring mechanisms of speciation from a creationist viewpoint, developing a creation based taxonomic system, and (of course) my special interest in determining Plant Kinds through the use of the Floral Formula. I expect this (near empty) website to grow quickly in the coming weeks as I bring it up to date with current research.


The main Baraminology website, focusing on the scientific study of Created Kinds, has been up for a couple years and has over 200 pages. This website will continue to grow and I hope to add a lot of photographs of plants and animals to the already existing and future articles.

Baraminology Quest

This website is a personal blog on my adventures in the study of Created Kinds. Over the past 8 years I have traveled the United States extensively for the purpose of research and collecting data. So here I share some of the adventures and personal thoughts I have had along the way in a more relaxed and less scientific setting.


El estudio de las Clases Creadas. The first of the many language translations for the main Baraminology website is begun. This one is in Spanish. I hope to have at least a dozen more languages following soon, but I am being patient until I have genuine native or bilingual proofreaders available.

Other Resources

Social Media

I am not much of a social person (researchers usually are not), but I am trying to make a dent in the social media realm including: FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+

Creation Science Research at GoFundMe

I do have a fund raiser going at GoFundMe. Over 15 months it has helped purchase some research equipment (including a microscope) as well as enabled some additional field research. Current funds continue to be used for more equipment and also help with the costs of producing the graphics for the upcoming book and seminar program.

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences

Seattle Creation Conference

The Seattle Creation Conference will host it’s annual Creation Conference on October 14-15, 2016. Most topics are general Creationism, but Frank Sherwin will be discussing ‘Human Evolution’. Of special note, there will be a live webcast of this event.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
Todd Elder

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