Baraminology Digest – April 2016

Baraminology Books

Pursuing the Historical Adam

Joe Francis and Todd Wood co-authored two chapters in the new book called ‘What Happened in the Garden : The Reality and Ramifications of the Creation and Fall of Man’. The book is mostly written by John MacArthur and the faculty of The Masters College and will be released later in April. This is Wood’s Summary and the book is available at Amazon.

Created Kinds and Baraminology

Subtitled ‘The Origin of Species by Special Creation and the Preservation of Man by the Creator’, this nearly 200 page book introducing the scriptural, scientific, and social aspects of Created Kinds should be available on the market at the beginning of May 2016. It is being published by Scripture Advocate Publishing through the sponsorship of the Creation Science League.

Baraminology Field News

CBS Call for Abstracts

The Creation Biology Society is accepting research Abstracts until April 22 for the annual Origins Conference. Those that are accepted will be published in the Journal of Creation Theology and Science and the writers invited to speak at the Annual conference being held Jul. 21-23, 2016 in Lynchburg, Va.

Created Kinds Seminar

Todd Elder is busy preparing a seminar specifically focused on the topics of Created Kinds and Baraminology. This seminar focuses on the evidence for the Creator and the value of life as seen through Scripture. Samples of images from this seminar can be seen at Seminar Page .

Louisiana Science Law

In a small victory, Senate Bill 156 was rejected in Louisiana. This bill would have repealed the ‘Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act’.

Remarkable ancient DNA recovery from Sima de los Huesos

Todd Wood’s interest in the human genome continues in this blog post comparing mitochondrial and nuclear DNA testing.

Upcoming Creation Conferences

Creation Biology Society

The Creation Biology Society will be hosting it’s annual Origins Conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virgina on July 20-23, 2016.

Creation Ministries International

The 2016 European Conference “Creation Declares: Christianity, the Bible & Science” will be held in London on September 9-10.

Seattle Creation Conference

The Seattle Creation Conference will host it’s annual Creation Conference on October 14-15, 2016. Details for the 2016 conference are not yet online.

Society of Creation

The Society of Creation will be hosting it’s fourth conference on June 10-11 at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. The theme is “The Origin of Humans — Adam and Eve: Myth or Reality?”.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
Todd Elder

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