What Is Science?

Science is defined as the knowledge gained from observation and experimentation or the process by which we gain that information. The word science comes from the Latin word ‘scientia’ which is translated as ‘knowledge’. This knowledge is based on things that can be observed with the senses and, therefore, deals with the physical world and universe. Scientific models are formed to explain something that has been witnessed. These models are then tested through experimentation to see if the models are correct or not correct. The process by which a model is tested is referred to as the scientific method.

Science is neither friend nor foe. It is a tool by which we can learn about life, ourselves, and the world around us. Our Creator does not do things haphazardly. He is a Maker of order. The patterns of His handiwork appear time and again. The complexity found in living organisms hides layers of incredibly designed information which is now only beginning to be uncovered.

Science Class - Discovery at the Microscope

Science Class – Discovery at the Microscope

The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a process by which models are made and carefully tested. The model generally first takes the form of a hypothesis or suggestion of how the phenomena under study occurs. After repeated testing which shows support for the hypothesis, it then becomes a theory with widespread acceptance as being accurate in many situations but still capable of being refined or changed with further testing. If a theory is found to be true and accurate in all situations in which it is involved, then it becomes a law. Very few hypotheses or theories make it to the status of a law.

Scientific Models

The science model is a testable idea used to describe a phenomena. Models are based on a set of observations and made by finding patterns in what is observed. Generally, because a model works with patterns, it is capable of being applied to many similar situations. Science models need to be testable, falsifiable, or able to be disproved in some way.

Worldviews and Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience can be defined as an idea that is presented as scientific but which does not use the scientific method, lacks evidence, or cannot be tested. Pseudoscience is a term that is often used, and abused, by both sides of those involved with the Creation and Evolution debate.

There is no ‘War on Science’

The March 2015 edition of National Geographic has an article entitled ‘The Age of Disbelief’ and shows a cover mixing science, religion, and conspiracy theories. The article inside reads like someone on a rant. It contains logical fallacies. It uses fictional books and movies from popular culture as examples to prove a point.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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