What Are Plant Baramin?

Plant Baramin are defined as groups of created kinds of plants which have been tested and found to belong to the same kind or are currently under investigation and tentatively belong to the same kind. In comparison to evolutionary taxonomy, plant kinds tend to average near the Family level of classification.

This is a sample of the Floral Formula that is being used to determine flowering plant kinds.

This is a sample of the Floral Formula that is being used to determine flowering plant kinds.

Vascular Plants

Flowering / Angiosperm Plants

The taxonomy and classification of the angiosperm (flowering) plants including both monocot and dicot groupings.

Cone Bearing / Gymnosperm Plants

The taxonomy and classification of the gymnosperms (cone bearing plants) including conifers, cycads, ginkgos.

Spore Bearing / Pteridophyte Cognitum

The Pteridophytes include ferns, horsetails, and club mosses. They are vascular plants with roots, stems, and leaves but which reproduce using spores.

Non-Vascular Plants

Non-vascular plants are those which do not contain the xylem and phloem tissues for transporting water. They generally do not have many specialized tissues and, therefore, do not have the size and complexity of vascular plants.

Algae Cognitum

The algae cognitum is a collection of aquatic plants ranging from unicellular, filamentous, colonial, and multi-cellular groupings. Some types of algae contain no roots, stems, or leaf structure. Other types, like kelp and seaweed, can grow to significant proportions. Algae is a major food source for aquatic animals.


Bryophytes contain the mosses and liverworts. They are usually terrestrial plants which reproduce by spores but lack vascular tissue. They have some roots, stem, and leaf structure.

Last Updated: 2018-07-12
Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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