What Are the Genesis Kinds?

The genesis kinds are defined as the individual types of created kinds made during the creation week as described in the Genesis account of the Bible. Plant kinds, animal kinds, and man kind were all spoken into existence by the Creator. As part of the creation account, certain attributes are distinguished with the different levels of creation such as the difference of body, soul, and spirit that are inherent in each kind. Man kind was given dominion over the earth and Adam was given the task of naming the animals. Due to the timeline of the creation event, it is expected that man kind and dinosaur kinds co-existed.

As we begin studying created kinds, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many levels to examine both physically and spiritually. Working with the original languages of the Scriptures will yield surprising clarity on a number of issues regarding creation, created kinds, and life itself. Within the physical, there is a strong link with reproduction associated with kinds. This is shown through the commands to reproduce and fill the Earth as well as when the animals are taken aboard the ark to refill the Earth afterwards. Examining the levels of kinds will also help distinguish life from non-life and show the value of life.

Genesis 2:19 - Adam Naming the Animals

Genesis 2:19: – Adam Naming the Animals

Created Kinds in Hebrew and Greek

The Created Kinds are never used in relation to the things that mankind makes, but rather is only used in regards to the Almighty.

Living Beings

The modern concepts within Biology, the study of life, are based on secular views of life which are hidden in evolutionary terminology. Evolution considers plants, animals, and man to all be alive and related to one another. Within Scripture, a very different view of life is given. A simple look at the differences between the body, soul, and spirit shows that life is much more than just functions of the body which act as a response to a stimulus.

Fixity of Species

The Creator wanted the Earth filled with animals and set things in motion by having them reproduce ‘after their kind’. This phrase suggests that there is a limit to how different the descendants could be from the parents. One phrase used to describe this limited amount of change is ‘fixity of species’.

Heavenly Kinds

Although the Heavenly realm falls outside of science and little detail is given in Scripture for theological discussion, it is perhaps worth mentioning that there are probably different ‘kinds’ of spiritual beings. This probably should not be unexpected from an orderly Creator. However, the possibility of their reproducing is largely conjecture from non-Scriptural books and will not be dealt with here.

“And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.” Genesis 1:20

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