Basic Evidence for the Model of Creationism

What are the expectations and predictions from the Model of Creationism? The evidence from the physical, earth, and biological sciences do match these expectations.

Concepts of Thermodynamics

The second Law of Thermodynamics states that things are continually wearing down and getting worse – a concept called entropy. Once again, the effects of the fall and the curse can be seen playing out in the realm of physics. What creation was like before the fall (and will be again after it is restored) is a matter of conjecture.


The natural processes of the universe, solar system, Earth, and life itself all show a young creation only thousands of years old instead of the billions required by the processes of evolution. A chronology built on Scripture would suggest that creation is approximately 5,900 years old. The physical evidence of natural processes agrees with this type of dating.

Law of Biogenesis

One of the major expectations is that life would come from life. This is known as the Law of Biogenesis. This is true of what we witness with reproduction and it is true of what we would expect by the Living Creator in making life. He is living and produced life. He also put it into place so that what He created could continue producing life.

Harmful Mutations

Due to the fall and the curse, Creationism expects that life is getting worse and not better. In the physical this is certainly demonstrated as harmful mutations are continually being added to the genetic load. This brings with it increased diseases and problems and not new or beneficial information. Without care and effort, things fall apart on every scale.

Gaps in the Fossil Record

The Theory of Created Kinds would expect large gaps in the fossil record (without transitional fossils) showing the distinction between kinds. This is what is found in the fossil record. Furthermore, what has been called the Cambrian Explosion, the sudden appearance of many diverse and developed forms of life shown through fossils, is good evidence for the Flood of Noah’s time as this is likely when many of the fossils were laid down.

Ancient Complex Languages

When languages appear in history, they are well developed and complex. Instead of beginning with primitive forms, they start complex and tend to simplify over time. The study of linguistics suggests there are about 100 languages that are the base of all the known languages in the world today. This is slightly more than the 70 languages / nations mentioned in Scripture after the Tower of Babel.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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