Too Many Airports … Not Enough Flying

Airport with Airplane

A new creation museum is preparing to open in the southwestern United States. From the previews, it looks like it will be fine as a museum. However, on the whole, I have to wonder what it really has to offer the average believer. Like an airport, the service is available only to a small percentage of people who can afford the trip.

I have traveled by air and I know the thrill of hoping to travel somewhere new and to experience something unique in life. I also know the routine of dealing with scheduling time for a trip, dealing with parking, passing through multiple layers of security, high ticket prices, long waits in line, and high priced food. In fact, such trips are so time consuming and expensive that they are rarely done or used only when necessary.

The service they provide applies only to a small percentage of the population each year. Furthermore, just because they are there, does not make people decide to fly … the system is typically used by people who already want to fly. Some airports go the extra mile and install big art exhibits and models which, while attractive to the eye, add little or no value to traveling and may add to the cost of the tickets.

I have also visited several of the dozens of creation museums found in the United States. I initially had a thrill of hoping to see something new and experience life on a deeper level. However, I am left disappointed. I have to deal with scheduling time for a trip, dealing with parking, passing through layers of security, high ticket prices, long waits in line (sometimes), and high priced food. Then, the information at the museum is not unique. It is the same information found in magazines, books, websites, and videos just placed on a wall with some fake models or animatronics nearby. Overall, it is time consuming and expensive so relatively few families are able to do this journey.

Furthermore, just because the museums exist does not mean non-believers will be converted … the museums will typically be used by people who are already believers.

Pilot and Biplane

In the end, it is not the multi-million dollar airport that takes people to a destination. It is the pilot does the work. Within creation ministry, it is not a multi-million dollar museum that does the work either. It is the people who can share the message of creation (and how it shows who our Savior is) with others.

Many questions come to my mind. How many museums are too many? How many people do they reach? What effect do they have? I shake my head thinking of the millions of dollars it takes just to open a museum. And just like the airport has to continually pay ground crew, security, and service people the museums have continuing costs of large numbers of employees as well. How many more people could be reached with other / cheaper alternatives?

What Are Better Alternatives?

In the first century AD, the disciples did not build a large ‘Museum of the Resurrection’ and expect people to come. Instead, the disciples would go out and speak to the people. They shared what they had witnessed and experienced … and the news spread rapidly and quickly.

What if we took that millions of dollars and used it to train ‘pilots’ … to encourage or train believers and enable them to share the creation account? What if every believer shared this with only one other person each year? The news could still spread quickly and reach millions of people each year.

It would be relatively cheap to produce a series of books or audio downloads helping people to understand the already existing museums (even natural history museums), national parks, and zoos from a creationist perspective. To help people ask the proper scientific questions and to see the interpretations and speculation that exists in secular exhibits. Let other organizations have the costs of building and maintaining these large structures and exhibits while the ministries can focus on physical and spiritual needs of the people.

Jet Flying in Clouds

In the modern electronic age, a website with articles and videos, like The Creation Club, is an outlet that costs relatively little but gives writers an opportunity to share with others on a variety of topics. It allows the readers to learn freely and possibly share the message with others through social media.

If we have millions to spend on a building project, why not spend it on a place to train pilots who can go out and share. Or, better yet, help some of them move on to doing genuine research. Having a building shaped like an ark may make a statement, but rather than filling it with the same information found in books, why not make such a building that acts as a creationist research center to help the scientists. We need more research and a strengthening of the creation models which are shared. This type of building could still by symbolic to the world, help defend believers from the attacks of evolutionary thinking, and possibly help reach new believers as discoveries are made.

Will I eventually visit the new creation museum next time I am in the area? Probably. Do I think the economy and the population of believers in the United States can continue to support a growing number of creation museums? I do not think so. Creation ministries have a limited amount of income and donations and need to make sure that money is used effectively to help reach a majority of people, not just a select few who can afford a trip to the museum.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
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