Introduction to Creation Science

Creationism is the belief that the entire universe and all of life were created in a special act by a Creator. This is based on the concepts contained within Scripture with an emphasis on the Genesis account of a seven day act of creation. It states that the creation was originally made in a good condition and that over time it is deteriorating and getting worse due to the fall of man and the action of sin. Understanding the concepts of Creationism, Evolutionism, and the Scientific Method are the base for understanding the Creation and Evolution debate in the physical, earth, and biological sciences.

Understanding Creationism

Basic Evidence for the Model of Creationism

What are the expectations and predictions from the Model of Creationism? The evidence from the physical, earth, and biological sciences do match these expectations.

Basic Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

Within a creationist view, many things can be expected under the conditions of such a flood because floods are known for laying down rocks and fossils. First, the fossils should show catastrophic and rapid formation, there should be clearly defined kinds of plants and animals with no transition forms in between, and both simple and complex organisms should exist from the beginning. Second, larger fossils should become polystrate in position as the flood layers quickly settle into place. Third, there should be human artifacts to be found in the fossil record. Furthermore, there would likely be layering where sea life is buried first. The bodies of animals and humans would be less likely because of rotting and decaying.

The Created Kinds Model

The Created Kinds Theory states that there is a Creator and that there is a limit to the variation that can occur within a kind of plant or animal. According to the theories of Creationism plants, animals, and man were created fully complex and reproducing after their own kind. This allows for variation within a kind, but no transitional forms between kinds. This is in sharp contrast to the Theory of Evolution which states that very big changes can occur over long periods of time and that all organisms are related.

Intelligent Design

The Intelligent Design concept is a relatively recent idea in the creation / evolution debate. However, its base goes back to the teleological ‘Arguments from Design’ that were created in the late 1700′s in an effort to prove the existence of the Almighty. Officially, the Intelligent Design movement does not take a stand on creation nor is it concerned with a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. Thus, for example, it could accept the seeding of life on Earth by space aliens as the intelligence behind life. However, the general arguments for design can be useful for showing the concept of the Heavenly Creator. The idea of Intelligent Design has been heavily linked to the theory of irreducible complexity. This theory states that complex systems with inter-related parts or functions could not have arisen piece by piece but must have been made or created as a complete unit.

Creation Science

According to the theories of Creationism, the process of decay is a constant throughout the known universe. Topics such as heat, magnetism, and the laws of motion demonstrate a young universe in which the formative processes are basically finished. About 4,500 years ago there was a worldwide flood covering the face of the earth for about one year. This caused many of the large scale geological features on the surface of the earth, made dramatic changes to the atmosphere, and set into place the modern hydrologic cycle. This theory would predict the rapid formation and catastrophic deformation of sedimentary layers all over the earth. Plants, animals, and mankind were created fully complex and reproducing after their own kind. This allows for variation within a kind, but no transitional forms between kinds. It also predicts the sudden appearance of many well developed languages throughout the Earth.

Understanding Science

Science Models

The science model is a testable idea used to describe a phenomena. Models are based on a set of observations and made by finding patterns in what is observed. Generally, because a model works with patterns, it is capable of being applied to many similar situations. Science models need to be testable, falsifiable, or able to be disproved in some way.

The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a process by which models are made and carefully tested. The model generally first takes the form of a hypothesis or suggestion of how the phenomena under study occurs. After repeated testing which shows support for the hypothesis, it then becomes a theory with widespread acceptance as being accurate in many situations but still capable of being refined or changed with further testing. If a theory is found to be true and accurate in all situations in which it is involved, then it becomes a law. Very few hypotheses or theories make it to the status of a law.

The Physical Sciences


Physics is the branch of science that studies forces, properties of matter, and the fundamental laws of nature. Physics study includes the topics of light, magnetism, heat, and electricity and has produced understanding and scientific laws regarding thermodynamics, motion, and the conservation of mass energy. Measurements within these topics and application of these laws give strong support for a young Earth only thousands of years old. They also give support to a special creation by displaying a universe that is wearing out and deteriorating rather than improving and building up.


Chemistry is the section of science that examines the properties, composition, and structure of elements, molecules, and compounds. There is an emphasis on how these items react, transform, and exchange energy when interacting with each other. The field of chemistry demonstrates the youthfulness of the universe through the lack of reaching equilibrium and it also shows a special creation through the existence of the medium to heavy elements.


Astronomy is the scientific study of the physical universe beyond the Earth. Astronomy is one of the oldest of the sciences, which has been used in making calendars and the understanding the daily, monthly, and annual cycles of heat, light, and gravity. There is an emphasis on the relationship of the Earth with the Moon and this solar system. Measurements of planetary density, rotation, angular momentum, and magnetic fields all indicate a young solar system only a few thousand years old. The rapid spiral movement of galaxies, lack of supernova remnants, and existence of short and long term comets show the youthfulness of the entire universe.

The Earth Sciences


Geology is the scientific study of the Earth’s land forms and the processes by which it is shaped and changed. There is an emphasis on the processes of deposition and erosion which has formed the surface that we know today. It also studies the chemical composition of inorganic elements and minerals formed by heat, crystallization, and pressure. The rates of erosion, deposition, and decay found on the Earth are consistent with a planet only thousands of years old. The rapid formation and deformation of sedimentary layers give evidence to a worldwide flood.


Hydrology is the section of science that studies the physical characteristics, mechanics, and dynamics of water and it’s effects upon the Earth. Special attention is given to the hydrologic cycle close to the surface of the Earth. Available water is one of the strongest factors in a habitable environment for life. The actions of water has produced the Earth’s current surface features more than any other physical process and gives strong evidence for a worldwide flood.


Meteorology is the branch of science focusing on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather. It focuses on structure and dynamics, long term atmospheric patterns and influences, and the day to day activity in the lower stratosphere. The field of meteorology gives support to a special creation and a worldwide flood through the drastic changes that have occurred in the atmosphere including reduced oxygen and pressure as well as the existence of the polar ice caps.

The Biological Sciences


Biology is the branch of science that studies life. It includes design and function of the body, genetics, breeding, and speciation.


Botany is the branch of science that studies the physical properties of plants. Plants are complex organisms with a substantial impact regarding life, especially in terms of converting solar energy into food and the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants are strongly effected by the climate and landscape and yet are capable of also effecting weather and environment. The fossil record of plants gives strong evidence to a young Earth and a worldwide flood.


Zoology is the scientific study of animals including animal behavior, classification, relationship to environment, and anatomy. It includes both wild animals and domesticated animals used for food or work. The fossil record gives strong support for a special creation by the sudden appearance of complex life forms without intermediate kinds.


Anthropology is the study of mankind and cultures in science. It includes the fields of biology, linguistics, society and culture, and archaeology. The fossil record gives strong evidence to a special creation of mankind by showing man has existed at the same time as dinosaurs and that people did not develop from a primitive animal. It also shows the sudden appearance of many developed and complex language groups.

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