Baraminology and Created Kinds

The Origin of Species by Special Creation and the Preservation of Mankind by the Creator

I am trying to make this the book I needed when I started college and fell for the concepts of Evolutionism. Comments and suggestions on how to improve the book or what topics to add to the existing outline are welcome.

Baraminology and Created Kinds Book Cover

‘Baraminology and Created Kinds’ introduces the evidence for the Creator and the value of life as seen through Scripture. It starts with a theological aspects of Created Kinds based on the Genesis account of creation. It explores the scientific Model of Created Kinds and the methodology of defining the limits of variation within a Kind. It looks at the social implications of such a view and our stewardship of the world. Finally, it depicts the Creation Orchard through the development of a creation based taxonomic system.

This book is being produced by Scripture Advocate Publishing through a sponsorship by the Creation Science League. It is scheduled to be publicly released in Feb. 2017 and is expected to be nearly 200 pages available in both paperback and hardback editions.

Current Chapter Titles and Subtitles

Preface: Testimony of a Creationist

Introduction : Why Study Created Kinds

Society: The Quest for Reality and Truth

Evolution and Creation in Society

The War of Worldviews


The Theory of Evolution

Fallacies of Theistic Evolution

Great Questions of Life

Searching for Answers

Who Am I?

Where Did I come From?

What Do I Want?

What Happens After I Die?

What is Honor?

Effects of Denying the Creator

Eugenics and Neo-Eugenics Movements

Is the Threat of Global Warming Scientifically Valid

Has the Anthropocene Epoch (Human Age) Begun?

Scripture: The Theological Basis for Created Kinds

The Creator

Names and Titles of the Creator

The Act of Creating

Genesis Kinds

Created Kinds in Hebrew and Greek

Living Beings – Body, Soul, and Spirit

Plants are not Alive

Earthly Kinds

Heavenly Kinds – Exploring the Angelic Realm

Grasses, Herbs, and Trees

Animal Kinds

What is the Scriptural definition of a Kind

Man’s Authority

Creation of Man

Creation Subjected to Man

Man’s Fall from Favor

Ark Kinds

Surviving the Flood


Giant Tomato Plant by Key Mori

Noah’s Ark

How Many Animals were on Noah’s Ark

What Size was Noah’s Ark

Post-Flood Conditions

The Fossil Record

Dinosaurs on the Ark

Creation Restored

Created Beings

Restoration through the Messiah

New Heaven and Earth

Introduction to Science

Are Creationists against Science

Scientific Models

The Scientific Method

Close-Up: Variation Models

Basic Problems with Evolution

Understanding Evolutionism

Fallacies for the Model of Evolutionism

Other Fallacies

Close-Up: The Ring Species Concept

Basic Evidence for Creation

Understanding Creationism

Evidence for the Model of Creationism

The Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

The Physical Sciences

The Earth Sciences

The Biological Sciences

The Model of Created Kinds

The Created Kinds Model

Existing Species Concepts

The Katagenos Species Concept

Close-up: Variation within a Kind

Species and Kinds through History

Animal and Plant Hybrids

Close-up: Grapefruit Hybrids

Breeding and Speciation

Genetic Selection within Breeds

Close-up: Reproductive Isolation

Environmental Acclimation

Close-up: Selective Presures in a Cave

Heritage Mating



Methods of Determining Baramin

Defining Baramin by Hybridization

Close-up: Cognitum are not Taxonomic Units

Cladistics and Taxonomy

The Floral Formula


Classical Taxonomy as a Base

The Need for a Creationist Taxonomy

Natanzera Taxonomic Levels

Plant Taxa

Flowering Plants

Cone Bearing Plants

Fern Cognitum

Animal Taxa

Reptile Cognitum (subgroups)

Mammal Cognitum

Bird Cognitum

Close-Up: Flightless Birds

Amphibian Cognitum

Fish Cognitum

Aquatic Invertebrate Cognitum

Arthropod Cognitum

Other Taxa

Fungus Taxonomy

Bryophytes, Algae, Archaea, Bacteria

Conclusion: Life is Precious

Faith and Science


Recommended Resources

Websites, Magazines, Museums, Books




About the Author

Todd Elder, the author, has a deep desire to understand Creation. It is motivated by the desire to find truth, experience reality, and live life to the fullest. For him, one of the best ways to pursue this has been see the incredible variety and beauty found in creation and also the destruction that sin brings with it. Over time, it has become obvious that life is precious and has contributed to building a relationship with the Creator of life.

Along with the general concepts of Young Earth Creationism, Todd Elder brings forth progressive ideas. He is developing the creation based Katagenos Species Concept which defines how species fit within a Kind. The Linnaean based Natanzera Classification System to better depict the separation between Kinds. His personal work with Plant kinds in developing the Floral Formula method of determining flowering plant Kinds.

Todd Elder

Todd Elder

Todd Elder has a deep desire to understand and experience Creation. As a Baraminologist, his current research includes developing the Katagenos Species Concept, the Natanzera Classification System, and the Floral Formula Method of determining Plant Kinds. As an author and speaker, his books and seminar materials are designed to encourage a growing relationship with the Creator.
Todd Elder

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