Has the Anthropocene Epoch (Human Age) begun?

The phrase, Anthropocene Epoch, is only a few decades old and is not yet a formal geologic period. But debates continue as to when this Epoch should start such as in the recently published article, First Atomic Blast Proposed as Start of Anthropocene. Has a new age begun as evolutionists view it? Or has man always been the main component in history as Creationists would view it?

Mankind seems to love classifying things. It is no different with time periods. From an evolutionary viewpoint, we could discuss our current time period by many terms including the Quaternary (fourth) Period (2.5 million years ago to present), and Holocene (Entirely New) Epoch (11,700 years ago to present). Now scientists are trying to add the newest section to the list, the Anthropocene.

The word ‘Anthropocence’ comes from the roots of Anthro- meaning humans and -cene from the Greek Kainos through the Latin Caenus meaning new. The Anthropocene Epoch represents human dominance in effecting the worldwide environment and climate. There are many possible scenarios, from an evolutionary perspective, on when the Anthropocene could begin. Some would place it back 8,000 years ago, overlapping most of the Holocene, due to agricultural influence. Others would start it in the late 1700’s with the industrial revolution and the evolutionary views on global warming. Now a group has suggested the first atomic blast in 1945 could act as a defining point to begin the Anthropocene.

What is known as the Atomic Age is certainly a unique time period. Mankind’s ability to add radioactive materials into the land, water, and atmosphere through weapons of war, power generation, or physics research was something not seemingly known before this time. From an evolutionary perspective, this might make sense as a defining point for human ability to change the environment on a global level. However, from a creationist perspective, the terrible effects of radiation are relatively little compared to the effects of the curse that came from the Garden of Eden and the effects of the Flood which devastated the world because of sin and violence.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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