Giant Tomato Plant by Kei Mori


Dr. Kei Mori, a physicist from Keio University in Japan, worked with a Cherry Tomato plant that started in his basement. He gave light to the plant with a fiber optic cable which filtered out UV light, a process called ‘Himawari Sunlighting’. He also added pressurized CO2 in a gasket around the stem and root system. At some point, this plant was moved to a greenhouse which also simulated these conditions. Within 2 years, the tomato plant had reached 16 feet tall with 800 tomatoes. In 16 years, it was reported at 45 feet tall with 15,000 tomatoes. It was further reported that, under these conditions, the tomatoes would stay green until they were picked.

Pre-Flood Earth

These two conditions, no UV light and and increased carbon dioxide / pressure, are suspected of being part of the pre-flood atmosphere of the Earth. This experiment gives a possible glimpse into how the pre-flood world could have appeared and why so many plants, animals, and even people were long-lived and able to grow to large sizes.

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Todd Elder

Todd Elder

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