Would Dinosaurs Fit on Noah’s Ark?

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The average size of the dinosaurs has been debated for decades. New fossils, both large and small, are being found each year. This Answers Research Journal article has put together the most recent dinosaur body mass information to determine average sizes and related size information to the order of flood burial.

It is a difficult thing to measure because dinosaurs tended to either be small or large … with not so many medium sizes. Previous estimates had average dinosaur sizes as being that of a large sheep or a pony. The AIG average is closer to that of the American Bison which weighs in at close to 3/4 ton and, therefore, suggests that creationists no longer try to make the argument that dinosaurs were small.

Initially, the new average size might seem to have implications for the old question of how many dinosaurs could fit on Noah’s Ark. However, even the up-to-date answer would easily have fit onto the ark. This is, in part, due to the ark carrying dinosaur kinds (not species), for which there are only an estimated 50 kinds of dinosaur. A small herd of about 100 bison would not be a problem.

In regards to fossils found in rock layers, they conclude that multiple factors contributed to where fossils line up in the ‘geologic layers’ placed by the flood. However, it seems that greatest emphasis is placed on dinosaur mobility as this make a lot of sense for their findings with the largest and less mobile dinosaurs being buried further down and more agile and mobile dinosaurs being buried later.

Just for size comparison, this is my foot next to a footprint left at the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX. It is attributed to an Acrocanthosaurus (similar to a Tyrannosaurus). They could reach about 35 feet tall and weigh about 6 tons.

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