Evidence for Creation in Anthropology

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What does the evidence support – the evolution of humans or a mixture of simian and human skulls?

Anthropology is the study of mankind and cultures. It includes the sub-fields of biology, linguistics, society and culture, and archaeology. The evidence for creation in Anthropology includes the sudden appearance of well developed and complex languages, simultaneous existence with dinosaurs, and the lack of transitional fossils relating man to other organisms. Although minor external differences occur in appearance throughout the world, only one kind is known to exist.

Has the Anthropocene Epoch (Human Age) begun?

The phrase, Anthropocene Epoch, is only a few decades old and is not yet a formal geologic period. But debates continue as to when this Epoch should start such as in the recently published article, First Atomic Blast Proposed as Start of Anthropocene. Has a new age begun as evolutionists view it? Or has man always been the main component in history as Creationists would view it?

Supposed Ape-Man Transitions

A Generic Apeman

A Generic Apeman

Nebraska Man and the Scopes Trial

The fossil tooth that became known as Nebraska Man has been given much attention in the creation / evolution debate. It has also been given some publicity in several movies over the last few decades. Sadly, much of what is presented is misinformation about the topic and makes a good example of how people can accidentally or intentionally misunderstand or misrepresent the facts.

Java Man

Java Man was a jaw bone and a thigh bone found on Java Island by Eugene Dubois in 1891. He named it Pithecanthropus erectus (upright apeman). For some time Dubois failed to disclose that he found skeletons of modern humans with these bones.

For Further Study

Bones of Contention Cover

Bones of Contention by Marvin Lubenow – Seeking to disprove the theory of human evolution, the author examines the fossils of the so called “ape men”.

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Todd Elder

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