Dinosaur Sightings in Ancient and Modern History

How did the Ancients Know what Dinosaurs Looked Like? Modern civilization has studied dinosaurs for about 150 years. Before this, it is assumed that no person has even seen a dinosaur. Yet, many drawings and depictions of dinosaurs exist. There are many ancient legends and records of people interacting with dinosaurs and dragons. Some of these depictions have more details about the dinosaurs than we know today. The last few centuries still include dinosaur sightings even today.

Rendering of a Nedoceratops in the Antediluvian Forest

Rendering of a Nedoceratops in the Antediluvian Forest

Did Ancient Man Live with Dinosaurs

Fossilized Skin and Patterns

Some of the Ica Stone carvings depict rosette patterns on the skin of the dinosaur. This was unknown to the modern age until fossilized dinosaur skin was found with these same patterns.

Dinosaurs and Man

According to the Theory of Evolution, dinosaurs disappeared about 60 million years ago. Man appeared about 4 million years ago. Therefore, man should not have any records of having seen a dinosaur. Yet this seems to not be the case.

Ica Stones

The Ica Stones are burial stones used in Peru about 1000 years ago – possibly to depict the life of the person. Many stones include dinosaurs an people including a man riding a triceratops, a tyrannosaur with a man, and a long necked dinosaur throwing a man into the air.


Carvings and drawings of dinosaurs occur all over the world. This includes a drawing of a stegasaurus on an 800 year old temple.

Where are the Dinosaurs Today

Why no Dinosaurs Today

One of the main reasons dinosaurs have gone extinct is that mankind has hunted them to extinction as it has many other kinds of animals. Throughout history there are records of dragon parts being used for various purposes.

Modern Sightings of Dinosaurs

Pterosaur Sightings

From the mountains of Mexico to the islands of Papua New Guinea, pterosaur sightings happen around the world. The possibility of living dinosaurs is intriguing. A general overview of areas with common sightings is given.


There are claims of Brachiosaurs sightings in the Congo of Africa.

Nessie – the Loch Ness Monster

One of the most famous of modern day dinosaur possibilties.

Mokele Mbembe and Ngoubou

Dinosaur like creatures found in an African swamp.

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