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Turtle Walking

Turtles are a grouping of reptiles (having scales and breathing air) in which the scales form a shell around much of the animal. As with most reptiles, turtles will lay eggs on land. Although breathing air, some species are well designed for aquatic living and have been designed with webbed feet and lightweight shells. Statistical studies have suggested possibly 5 kinds of turtles.

– Softshelled Turtle Kind G:11 S:30
– Australo-American Side-Neck Turtle Kind G:13 S:52
– Snapping Turtle Kind G:2 S:2
– River Turtle Kind G:1 S:1
– Pond Turtle Kind G:9 S:50
– Asian River and Box Turtle Kind G:9 S:70
– Musk and Mud Turtle Kind G:4 S:25
– Afro-American Side-Neck Turtle Kind G:2 S:19
– Big-Headed Turtle Kind G:1 S:1
– Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle Kind G:3 S:8
– Tortoise Kind G:15 S:60


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