Amphibian Classification in Baraminology

Newt Swimming

The Amphibian cognitum is generally defined as creatures with an aquatic larval stage with gills followed by a terrestrial adult stage with lungs (although variations do occur). They typically have smooth and scaleless skin which is used for respiration and gas exchange. Usually, they are tetrapods (having 4 feet), but they may also have reduced or absent appendages. Amphibians have bony skeletons, are ectothermic (cold-blooded), and have smooth skin with no scales. They have non-amniotic eggs and therefore require water to keep the eggs moist.

Amphibian Groups

Puerto Rican Coqui

Frog Cognitum

The frog cognitum is an amphibian recognized by a stout body, lack of a tail, and long hind legs for leaping. Some members have a poisonous parotoid gland behind the head. This group includes both frogs and toads.

Salamander Cognitum

The salamander cognitum is an amphibian recognized by a cylindrical body, a tail, and (usually) two pairs of legs of about equal length. They might live most of their life in water, on land, or start as an aquatic larvae with a more terrestrial adulthood. There are about 600 species including both salamanders and newts.


Caecilian Cognitum

The caecilian cognitum is an amphibian recognized by a long, slender, and limbless body. It can be fully aquatic or burrow deep underground. It often has small or non-existent eyes. There are about 191 species.

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