• What Are the Ark Kinds?
  • What Is the Scientific Model of Created Kinds?
  • What Are Plant Baramin?
  • What Are Animal Baramin?
  • What Are the Perspectives in the Creation and Evolution Debate?
  • What Are the Genesis Kinds?

Created Kinds

The biblical definition of created kinds is the plants and animals that were spoken into existence by the Creator. The concept of created kind is based on the biblical account of creation as found in the book of Genesis. Although common design elements may exist, each created kind is uniquely made and separate from the other kinds. They are designed to reproduce ‘after their kind’ which limits how different the descendants could be from the parents. Therefore, there is no common ...

What Are Created Kinds?

Genesis Kinds

The genesis kinds are defined as the individual types of created kinds made during the creation week as described in the Genesis account of the Bible. Plant kinds, animal kinds, and man kind were all spoken into existence by the Creator. As part of the creation account, certain attributes are distinguished with the different levels of creation such as the difference of body, soul, and spirit that are inherent in each kind. Man kind was given dominion over the earth and Adam was given the ...

What Are the Genesis Kinds?

Ark Kinds

The ark kinds are defined as the individual types of created kinds that were saved from the destruction by passage on Noah’s ark. The concept of the ark kinds is based on the biblical account of a worldwide flood as found in the book of Genesis. The ark kinds were composed of the land based and air breathing animals that would perish during a flood. The animals on the ark were representative of their individual kinds and would be the progenitors of new populations on ...

What Are the Ark Kinds?


Baraminology is defined as the study of created kinds and generally includes the classification of plants and animals from a creationist perspective. The field of Baraminology makes an attempt to determine what the original created kinds were as well as connect different species within a kind today. The Model of Created Kinds is based on the genesis account of Creation. It includes no random generation of life from non-life, kinds fully formed and functional with no primitive ancestors, and gaps ...

What Is Baraminology?

Scientific Model of Created Kinds

The Scientific Model of created Kinds is defined as a set of testable hypothesis regarding the taxonomic relationships of plants and animals based on the core concept of limited ancestry. It contains specific ideas about form with limited variation in appearance, the definition and causes of speciation, expected appearance of genetic material, and a historical timeline including extinction events. There are variations of the model based on suppositions of young earth creationism, ...

What Is the Model of Created Kinds?

Research Methods

Research methodology is defined as a process or systematic approach of studying a topic and collecting information for the purpose of discovering something new or understanding it better. It can include either qualitative or quantitative data and often involves specialized terminology within the field being studied. Within baraminology, discontinuity systematics is the primary method of research involving studies of hybridization, morphology, cladistics, and statistical ...

What Are the Research Methods?

Creation Orchard

The Creation Orchard is defined as a creationist depiction of the separate created kinds of plants and animals described in the book of Genesis and the respective species that have developed within each kind through time. Within the creation orchard, each tree trunk represents a separate created kind while the branches and twigs represent the breeds and species that have developed within the kind. The orchard shows the expected limits of variation within a kind and the expectation that there are no ...

What Is the Creation Orchard?

Taxonomy and Classification

Taxonomy is defined as a system or structure showing the relationships between different types of items. It can be compared to a filing system. Within biology, it is a hierarchical arrangement of species within larger categories based on common characteristics. It traditionally studies the morphology (form and structure) of species. Classification is defined as the arrangement or grouping of species within taxonomic units. It can be compared to the process of placing items within a filing system. ...

What Is Taxonomy and Classification?


Within a creationist perspective, species are defined as a breed within a created kind. It has a specific set of reproductively connected characteristics that produce a recognizable pattern. An individual of the species is able to reproduce with others of the same species and potentially able to hybridize with other breeds / species within the same Kind. Habitats and geographical distribution can be indicators of where species boundaries may occur. ...

What Are Species and Kinds?


Creationism is the belief that the entire universe and all of life were created in a special act by a Creator. This is based on the concepts contained within Scripture with an emphasis on the Genesis account of a seven day act of creation. It states that the creation was originally made in a good condition and that over time it is deteriorating and getting worse due to the fall of man and the action of sin. ...

What Is Creationism?


Evolutionism, not to be confused with the Theory of Evolution, is defined as a philosophical, and sometimes spiritual, belief or set of concepts and forces regarding the processes that shape and form life. It is a belief that, over billions of years, all life forms have evolved to their current form (from basic molecules to man) by means of natural processes which cannot be witnessed. It sometimes involves the belief that evolution ...

What Is Evolutionism?

Intelligent Design

The Intelligent Design concept is a relatively recent idea in the creation / evolution debate. However, its base goes back to the teleological ‘Arguments from Design’ that were created in the late 1700’s in an effort to prove the existence of the Almighty. Officially, the Intelligent Design movement does not take a stand on creation nor is it concerned with a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. Thus, for example, it can accept ...

What Is Intelligent Design?

Baraminologist Journal

This journal is a record of my personal experiences, thoughts, and lessons while on the search for created kinds and while exploring our physical world. These experiences are motivated by both the need for field research and my own desire to understand life.

Journal of a Baraminologist

Exploring the Great Questions of Life

The Great Questions of Life are defined as questions whose concepts and answers will guide a person’s goals, purpose, and mission in life. The answers to these questions often produce a philosophical base or worldview from which a person interprets the events in life. These questions are often connected with spiritual applications or repercussions concerning the answer’s relationship to eternal life.

What Are the Great Questions of Life?

Invitation to Salvation and Eternal Life

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