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The Creation and Evolution Debate

What is the Creation and Evolution Debate? The topic of Creationism is not a salvation issue. However, anything, like Evolutionism, that causes doubt or difficulty with understanding or believing Scripture is yet another stumbling block that inhibits a person from becoming a believer or a stronger believer. Evolutionism has spread rapidly in the last several decades. At the same time, Creationism has been slow in responding. Baraminology, the scientific study of created kinds, is one of the responses that is now forming and challenging the Theory of Evolution. The more we study kinds, the more evidence is discovered to show that science supports Creationism.

The Great Questions of Life

What are the Great Questions of Life? One of the best ways to encourage life is to boldly confront the issues raised by the great questions of life rather than fearing or shying away from them. If we do not have the answers to these questions, then our lives will generally become reactive to situations and people rather than proactive towards a goal. Reactions to family, friends, work, and society may produce a lifestyle we are comfortable with, but a lifestyle is not life itself. When we know the answers to the questions of life, it will produce a sense of purpose and meaning that can give us goals and projects on which to move forward. It is a means to life abundant and a life with blessing.

The Quest for Understanding

What is the quest to study Created Kinds and Baraminology? The Baraminology Journal entries included in the following categories share my own personal experiences, thoughts, and lessons while on the search for created kinds and while exploring our physical world. These experiences are motivated by both the need for field research and my own desire to understand life. What is it like to go camping full time, struggle with the weather, and cook over an open fire? These are the experiences of everyday life and the behind-the-scenes living conditions experienced during field research.

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