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The Scriptures are the authoritative and accurate word from the Creator to mankind. The majority of the Scriptures are written in a literal and straightforward style. It is correct in describing the creation in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Working with the original languages will yield surprising clarity on a number of issues regarding creation, created kinds, and life itself.

Levels of the Genesis Kinds

What is the Scriptural Definition of a Kind

One of the challenges of learning about creation is understanding the concept of ‘Created Kinds’. There are numerous places in Scripture which mention the word Kinds in relation to the plants and animals made at the time of creation or found on Noah’s ark during the flood. However, defining these groups has proven somewhat challenging.

Created Kinds in Hebrew and Greek

The word ‘baramin’ technically does not exist in the Hebrew language. Instead, it is a compound word made up of the separate Hebrew words for ‘create’ and ‘kind’.

Living Beings

The modern concepts within Biology, the study of life, are based on secular views of life which are hidden in evolutionary terminology. Within Scripture, a very different view of life is given. A simple look at the differences between the body, soul, and spirit shows that life is much more than just functions of the body which act as a response to a stimulus. Furthermore, the ability to reproduce is not limited to life. Instead, life is connected to the blood, something which is not present in plants.

Earthly Kinds

The Creator wanted the Earth filled with animals and set things in motion by having them reproduce ‘after their kind’. This phrase suggests that there is a limit to how different the descendants could be from the parents. It leaves room for some adaptation and variation within a kind, but suggests that a limitless change (from one kind into another) is not possible.

Heavenly Kinds

Although the Heavenly realm falls outside of science and little detail is given in Scripture for theological discussion, it is perhaps worth mentioning that there are probably different ‘kinds’ of spiritual beings. This probably should not be unexpected from an orderly Creator.

Naming the Animals

Some have tried to make the argument that Adam would not be able to name all of the animals in a short period of time like one day. Their reasoning is faulty because, by their definitions, Adam has to name millions of species. Adam probably only had to name kinds, not species, which makes for a much more manageable number.

Scripture Passages by Topic

The following pages list the Scripture passages for various words regarding ‘Created Kinds’ and look at their meaning in the Hebrew and Greek languages.

The Creator

A look at passages regarding the Creator and our Maker.

To Create

The Hebrew word ברא (bara) means to create or a formative process. This word is never used in relation to the things that mankind makes, but rather is only used in regards to the Almighty.


The Hebrew word םין (meen) means to portion out or to sort.

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