Introduction to Created Kinds

Studying the Created Kinds in Scripture brings an understanding to the basic concepts of life. The concept of Created Kinds includes a basic understanding of the Creator, the Genesis Kinds found in the Garden of Eden, the Ark Kinds found during Noah’s flood, and the plants and animals found alive today.

Exploring the Creator

The Creator created the Heavens and the Earth including the plants, the animals, and mankind. He spoke them into existence in a literal seven day act of creation.

The Creator

Who is the Creator? How did the Creator make the Heavens, the Earth, and the life that is within them? Although theology and science are unable to tell us everything about the Creator and the creation process, we can still gain much insight into the Creator and act of creating by looking at the various Hebrew words used in the text and noting the uniqueness of this ability possessed only by the Creator.

Creation in Scripture

The Scriptures are the authoritative and accurate word from the Creator to mankind. The majority of the Scriptures are written in a literal and straightforward style. It is correct in describing the creation in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Working with the original languages will yield surprising clarity on a number of issues regarding creation, created kinds, and life itself.

Exploring the Genesis Kinds

The phrase ‘Genesis Kinds’ refers to the creatures (the created kinds) that were made during the Creation Week. Unlike the secular views of modern biology which study the functions of the body, Scripture states that life is much more than just functions which respond to a stimulus.

Plant Kinds

What are the major types of plants created on day three? Are plants really alive? Examining the scriptural text reveals much about the grass, herbs, and trees around us.

Animal Kinds

Is there a classification system for animals in Scripture? Perhaps not. While Adam may have been able to recognize and name the different kinds of animals, the various terms describing such activities as swarming, creeping, or flying are generally applied in the early chapters of Genesis. The animals represented by these terms cross many boundaries that modern classification systems would not accept.

Man Kind

Who is Man? What authority does he have? How does man’s sin effect Creation? How does the Believer answer the great questions of life? Creation was made to be inhabited and the Earth was placed under the authority of mankind who is made in the image of the Creator. One of the best ways to encourage life is to boldly confront the issues.

Exploring the Ark Kinds

The Ark Kinds are the creatures that were alive and gathered together on board Noah’s ark during the time of the flood. At the time of the flood, the pairs of animals were gathered together to keep the different kinds alive. These pairs were obviously able to mate and reproduce. This breeding ability is sometimes referred to as the ‘Noah Test’ for kinds. If they are able to have offspring, they are of the same kind.

Pre-Flood Environment

Many varieties of modern plants and animals are found in large sizes in the fossil record. These likely existed before the flood and show how conditions have changed. Just as Scripture records the lifespan of people dropped dramatically after the flood, similar probably occurred with plants and animals.

Noah’s Ark

The question is often asked if Noah’s Ark was actually big enough to contain all the animals it needed to carry (as well as food and clean water). The answers have varied as people have suggested different sizes for the ark as well as using different methods of determining how many animals actually needed to be on the ark.

Post-Flood Conditions

According to a scriptural timeline, about 4,300 years have passed since the time of the flood. This probably included an ice age shortly after the period of the flood. During this time, rapid diversification would have occurred within animal kinds as they spread out and moved into new habitats. This diversification is not a sign of evolution in progress, but is instead simply the breeding out of characteristics that already exist within the animals.

The Fossil Record

Within a creationist view, many things can be expected under the conditions of such a flood because floods are known for laying down rocks and fossils. First, the fossils should show catastrophic and rapid formation, there should be clearly defined kinds of plants and animals with no transition forms in between, and both simple and complex organisms should exist from the beginning. Second, larger fossils should become polystrate in position as the flood layers quickly settle into place. Third, there should be human artifacts to be found in the fossil record. Furthermore, there would likely be layering where sea life is buried first. The bodies of animals and humans would be less likely because of rotting and decaying.


Some have questioned whether or not the Ark would have been big enough to hold the dinosaurs since some of these creatures weigh many tons. The simplest answer to this situation is to remember that Noah did not necessarily have to carry adult animals on the Ark, but instead could have carried babies or young animals which would be much smaller. Furthermore, it is estimated that only about 50 Kinds of dinosaurs are now known with most of them being small in size.

Exploring Creation Restored

Creation is currently in a fallen state and man cannot bring it back to where it should be. Man himself is fallen and in need of redemption and restoration. This is a job that must be done by the Creator Himself.

Restoration Through the Messiah

Typically, the Believer thinks about the Messiah in terms of being his or her personal savior. While this is true, He is also the redeemer of all of creation.

New Heavens and Earth

The Creator is eternal, but this creation is not. Several passages of Scripture talk about how things now known will grow old, wear out, and later are changed. The Almighty has promised a new Heavens and Earth. All of creation waits for this current time of vanity to end.

Last Updated: 23/12/2015
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Todd Elder

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